Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween with a Few Pictures

Since Halloween landed on a Sunday, we did our usual afternoon festivities.

The Chiefs played the Bills...and even I who hardly ever watches a full game of football, knows it was a good game.

Mike's parents, Papa Ronnie and Mama K...along with their two grandsons, Riley and Cameron...came over for lunch.

We had so much fun throwing the football in the front yard, and just catching up with Kathy since she had been gone for a couple weeks on her trip to Washington.

After such a good game, and eating ice cream (this time it wasn't homemade)...we made plans for trick or treating.

In the small town of Lebanon, we have a square that often is the place for town events and things that the fair grounds doesn't do.

The hubs and I had a blast hanging out with his parents and our very own transformer (Riley) and werewolf (Cameron). We headed to the square where they had the big jumpy jumps, vendors with food...and each store/office around the square handed out candy to the hundreds of princesses, buzz light years, doggies, cats, werewolves, and every other thing you could imagine.

Papa Ronnie and Momma K with Riley and Cameron

With just Momma K

I just had to get a picture with them

And of course my silly hubs was pictured out, so he hid.
After the square, we headed to a neighborhood that is in between our house and his parents.

Although it was close to 9:30 at night and knew more than likely a lot of the homes would have their porch lights turned out, the kiddos still piled in the back of the truck with the men...and snuggled in the hay as we drove from house to house. They managed to get a couple handouts of candy which made them that much happier.

Now that this Sunday will already be a week since makes me realize that Christmas will be here before we know it!


Paige said...

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore y'alls square? Ah, I just LOVE it!

jaime forrest said...

I am so bummed we missed the square fun! I need to take andrew next year :) and Christmas....will be here SO SOON!

Anonymous said...

We did have fun and the boys did too. The game was just a little more exciting and loud than I expected but we had fun in the kitchen.
I was so glad yal came over to go with us to the square and trick or treating. I know for sure the boys had more fun with you and Brother going than with just Papa and Nana.
After all, I think you have a little secret admirer (Cameron).
We were really happy you both went with us. Sorry we missed Big Ed's donuts. We will have to go earlier next year.

Love ya,