Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back from my Break

So I took almost a week long break from blogging.


I feel like I was posting in a repetitive subject of...nothing. But now I'm back and refreshed and ready to blog!

I am, however starting my blogging back on a day that I don't feel well at all (sore throat, coughing and lingering headache), but I can assure you I am one happy bloggaholic.

Today the weather is nasty, nasty, nasty...perfect for resting here with my pajamas on. 

I can't sleep anymore so I have this little girl next to me and "Beetle Juice" playing from Netflix.

And what a perfect time to light a fire some candles in our fireplace!

And as I have been checking the news and my websites...
I came across this beauty...

Image provided by Facebook/ Coach :: Mia Collection
Oh how I love thee...


Kim said...

LOVE your fireplace. How silly is that's my fav part of your post? Glad your back though!! Happy Blogging to you!

Paige said...

I absolutely love your fireplace and those candles, ah it looks so relaxing! I hope that you are feeling better!