Saturday, November 20, 2010

B is for Bonfire

Tonight the hubs and I made our way over to Jimmy and Michelle's house for a bonfire.

If there is one thing that I do love about the cold weather, it is the smoky, hot bonfires that usually someone in our group of friends puts on.

The weather was absolutely perfect tonight. Chilly enough for a fire, but not uncomfortable enough for blankets and gloves.

Here are some pictures from tonight!

I had to snag a picture with this little girl, although I hate it of me. My face looks huge and swollen. Oh well. It's precious of Kylie.

 Michelle and I had a time trying to get the fire going before the men got there, but it eventually got going thanks to an old Pizza box that apparently had oil and grease still on it. It obviously did the trick!


We have been accumulating junk mail for the longest time (we need to break down and buy a shredder). As you can see that all changed tonight. We burned it!

Now I'm home and all cozied up wishing I had more apple cider!

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Paige said...

o0o0 I love bon fires!