Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts

The weather today in Tennessee finally felt like Fall! It was on the cooler side, and a little drizzly, which I didn't mind because I was in most the day, and we did need the rain.

I have always been "body spray kind of girl". I don't know why, but it's like I always tend to accumulate body sprays over the years, and not to mention having an Avon lady as your mom is a plus. Today, Heather at work brought in some samples that a family friend had given her. I instantly knew that was the scent I wanted as my "big girl perfume".

and it is lovely!

The poor hubs is dealing with some allergies. Poor thing...he's been sniffling, and blowing his nose....I know this is something with the weather change that happens.

Speaking of hubs, he just came in here to the living room to spend some time with me, and what happens....ESPN comes on. How wonderful. ; )

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Paige said...

It finally felt like Fall here in the ville today too, and I loved it! I cross my fingers that it stays this way! I will have to try this spray out! It just looks like it would smell good! haha.

Hope your hubs gets better. I am at work and my Mom has called to tell me that CB is very sick vomiting, so please pray for her. I hate that I'm not home with my poor girl!