Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Funday

Thank you for all the kind words, through here and through Face book...and even texts, and phone calls...I am feeling much better. Yesterday, I had posted and mentioned just how uncomfortable I was feeling. Luckily, after a couple rounds of Imodium, I was up this morning feeling like a new gal.

Today, we had Mike's dad, Papa Ronnie...and his two little side kicks, Cameron and Riley, over at the house to watch the Chiefs game. We had some steaks on the grill, along side with my infamous grilled veggies (so delicious), ending with some Homemade Ice Cream. I snagged a few pictures, but once again...please excuse the quality of them. A Blackberry can only do so much!

They always, always stand

Riley and Cameron


Throwing the football in the front yard, while Buck and Kaci just waits.   
Tonight, I finally sat down and watched the show Sister Wives. It wasn't 5 minutes in to it that I wanted to go through the screen and smack not only Kody, but all the wives for thinking and believing this was what they wanted. They contradicted themselves the whole time stating that this life style was a blessing, and the more the merrier, but then they spoke of struggles with jealousy, companionship, constant insecurities. It's enough in a monogamous marriage...why add to it?

This coming weekend we get our fence up! I know I said that 2 weekends ago, or was it 3? Anyways, it's
 gonna get done, and I am once again, so excited!

Tomorrow's supposed to be 85! Eighty freakin' five! Where's the Fall weather I've been longing for?!


a lovely mess. said...

that game was awful. awful. awful.
tell mike i feel his pain! :)

Heather said...

O.k. About that Sister Wife show.....I completely agree! And they said they don't care what thier kids grow up to believe in..if anything at all!!!
WHAT? Which goes to show that if you know and believe that you believe in the one True God and are living the right way wouldn't you want you own children to follow with you?! Outrageous that they are leading all those children into a sinful life. (puke).