Saturday, October 23, 2010

November means....

Every year, about this time...the hubs informs me that November is National Beard I have forgotten about it.

Every year, our conversation goes as follows:

Hubs: Hey babe..did you know November is National Beard Month...(as rubbing is face and jawline)??

Me: Yes babe...(giving him my overly dramatic, and surprised look)

Hubs: I think I'm gonna do this...(like he hasn't decided this already)

Me: Oh really? I like it better smooth...but I know this is something you have to do...

Hubs: It's less shaving...

TRUTH be known!! That is why he does this.

Left: Vacation 2009; Right: Cruise 2010

Here's to him rubbing his cute, prickly face all over mine.
(Yes he does this when he hugs me...sounds weird, but he does)

Thanks babe.


Kim said...

he looks younger with the beard. Looks like dear Liz is robbing the cradle!!

Heather G said...

don't let Lee find out that it is National Beard Month