Sunday, October 10, 2010


  • Dear Fellow Kroger Shopper, I intended on getting in and out in a matter of 15 minutes top (the reason why I went shopping for my goods so late), but ended up being there much too late since you decided to reunite with your best friend from childhood in the checkout lane.
  • Dear Hubby, I know this is like every other Sunday with a football game on, but I really prefer not jumping in my own skin every 2 minutes from your yells and screams at the tube.
  • Dear Customer who reaches in her bra in front of me, I honestly really have no words for the germs and skank that you bring out in to my window, and not to forget when you hand me your cash deposit.
  • Dear Neighbor, I know you like to change your "loud, obnoxious, over sized Diesel Truck that wakes us up every time you come home in the wee hours of the mornings" oil...but just so you know, all that oil has spilled in to our yard over time and has ruined our side of the fence where you obviously don't know how to dispose of it correctly. We will eventually be discussing this with you.
  • Dear Reader...ignore my just had to be said typed.


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Paige said...

Love your little heart, we all complain every now and then =)