Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Mondays are always the same in my book.

Hectic, busy, and crazy.

I hate to complain since I hear about so many in mommy mode who hardly sleep ever, but last night I slept horrible.

We had some pretty bad weather, and since we have always had the puppies sleep with means only one thing.
storms plus restless puppies equals a very tired me.

Luckily, tomorrow is my short day and I get to sleep in just a little bit.

However, I was all smiles when I came in to work this morning to see this laying in my teller window.

Several weekends ago, some of my co-workers and I participated in the Heart Walk in down town Nashville.
I got picked up a few of those trendy bracelets all the kiddos everyone is wearing. Well, I decided I would pass them down to her sweet grand daughter, Jaiden.

In return, she made me this adorable little book. She put so much time, and effort in to it, that I just couldn't help but smile.
Along with work, I have been making busy with my time preparing for my training on Wednesday and Thursday. It makes my brain hurt thinking of all the information I am going to take in, but I am happy I have this opportunity. Not to mention it's a raise.
Friday is our Book Club meet for this month. I am so excited, because of everything like vacation in August, and just stuff happening on that particular needless to say, I'm excited about hanging with my girls and talking.

I will definitely be doing a Book Pick review soon!

Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Weekend's Review

What a great weekend it was!

Friday evening after work, I headed to a Mary Kay party hosted by one of my co-workers.

We had a great time full of laughs and giggles. I have never mentioned this before, but I once sold Mary Kay in my younger days. It's a great company, but I learned very quickly, I am not a sales person.

Once I got home, I had this little thing greeting me at my front door.

Cameron is 4 and one of the sweetest kids I know....but I might add he is all boy!

The hubs had some hang out time with him till Mike's dad, Papa Ronnie came and picked him up. They went to Lowe's (where Cameron decided to take his shirt off in the middle of the hardware section), and then came home and ate some yummy pizza together. I love seeing how the hubs is with makes me smile.

Saturday, the hubs and I woke up to our neighbor's son, Jeremiah putting our fence up. He did a great job, and we couldn't be more grateful for him taking on this job. Buck and Kaci absolutely love their new back yard.

Last night, the hubs and I met some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for the UFC fight. Unlike some wives women, I can tolerate watching this bloody mess. Thankfully, there was Risha who I could talk to while the men were doing their thing.

Needless to say, the hubs wasn't too happy with Velasquez winning.

Today I had so much fun. One of my besties, Denise had her birthday on the 20th. In celebration of her turning the big 2_.....a bunch of us girls headed to Starbucks to sit and talk. It was so nice outside we decided to sit on the patio.

This evening I decided to wind down and relax a bit while watching one of my all time favorite movies...

If anyone has never watched this movie...please, please watch it. To read all about here. I laugh one minute, I cry the other. And for future reference, Tyler Perry is phenomenal in all of his movies, so you can never go wrong.

As of right now....we have tornado warnings in certain areas of Tennessee. Oh how I hate storms...well these types.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

November means....

Every year, about this time...the hubs informs me that November is National Beard I have forgotten about it.

Every year, our conversation goes as follows:

Hubs: Hey babe..did you know November is National Beard Month...(as rubbing is face and jawline)??

Me: Yes babe...(giving him my overly dramatic, and surprised look)

Hubs: I think I'm gonna do this...(like he hasn't decided this already)

Me: Oh really? I like it better smooth...but I know this is something you have to do...

Hubs: It's less shaving...

TRUTH be known!! That is why he does this.

Left: Vacation 2009; Right: Cruise 2010

Here's to him rubbing his cute, prickly face all over mine.
(Yes he does this when he hugs me...sounds weird, but he does)

Thanks babe.

Pour your Heart Out ....

I cannot count the number of times I have wrote a post only in turn to delete it right away.

Not only 5 minutes ago, I poured my heart out about a particular somethin, somethin'...only to turn around and delete it, because I was ashamed, and afraid for what people might think.

When I found this particular link, "Pour your Heart Out" from Things I Can't Say....I thought what an awesome, awesome idea! It would actually help people (like me) talk about things they actually wanted and needed to talk about, but couldn't because they felt like it wasn't worthy enough to say.

I guess there's no right or wrong way to go about starting this, so here goes nothing.

Every day I wake up...I wipe my eyes clean, and thank God that I have the chance, once more to wake up next to the man I married...who I love and adore. Along with giving thanks, I ask for the strength to control my thoughts, my words, and my actions.

I have something I call....a short fuse, also known as a temper. Friends (well most of them), would probably say they never, ever could see that in me...but that's me. It's "the other girl" that comes out of me, that I turn in to. Most of my family has seen this "other girl".

I am ashamed to say that I can go from zero to fifty in a matter of minutes. I hate that I don't know how to fight the right way. I hate that I don't know how to communicate without shutting down.

Believe it or not, communication is very hard for me. I would rather tuck everything inside, than to tell you how I feel and deal with any sort of negativity that comes from opening up. But in reality, more than likely, opening up solves more problems than one.

I hope that with me posting this, that I do not get judged, I do not get preached at, and I do not get talked about.

I know several people who like to take and use information like this, to form opinions and accusations, just to be able to make a conversation...and it honestly, makes me wanna barf.

Please don't assume my marriage is horrible and suffering. Like every other marriage and relationship, it has it's ups and downs. Ours is not perfect. But we work hard at it, and we deal with our problems. If there is one thing I can put out on this posting about my man, is the admiration I have for him that he doesn't put things on hold. If there's a problem, no matter what time of the day, he will talk about it, and get it resolved.

I know there's probably so many people, that when behind closed doors, you have no idea what goes on.

It's amazing how just writing something like this...can help.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Virtual Makeover

Friday night, I am planning on attending a Mary Kay makeup party with a bunch of the girls from work.

Of course, we all proceeded to check out our invites through the website where we found a Free Virtual Makeup link.

This thing is hilarious. Forget the makeup part...the hairstyles and colors are the best form of entertainment.

Never, ever had my hair this long...
Oh yes, the white veil...
Me and my chops...

Can we say "need a trim?"

I look 5 yea...

It was pretty cool to see all the transformations...and this was only a handful of all the different looks. I didn't even bother with adding the makeup portion!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts

The weather today in Tennessee finally felt like Fall! It was on the cooler side, and a little drizzly, which I didn't mind because I was in most the day, and we did need the rain.

I have always been "body spray kind of girl". I don't know why, but it's like I always tend to accumulate body sprays over the years, and not to mention having an Avon lady as your mom is a plus. Today, Heather at work brought in some samples that a family friend had given her. I instantly knew that was the scent I wanted as my "big girl perfume".

and it is lovely!

The poor hubs is dealing with some allergies. Poor thing...he's been sniffling, and blowing his nose....I know this is something with the weather change that happens.

Speaking of hubs, he just came in here to the living room to spend some time with me, and what happens....ESPN comes on. How wonderful. ; )

Monday, October 18, 2010

Not Me Monday

You know the scoop! Click here...

It was not me who tried to prolong my waking up and getting out of bed this morning. It was not me who hit the snooze button on my blackberry every 5 minutes.

It was not me who drove all the way to work, dug for her work keys at work all while in a panic, only to realize they were in a small side pocket in my purse that I never use.

It was not me who got her feelings hurt when some one close said that I should get off the computer and step on the tread mill. The truth always hurts the most. (And no I didn't tell the hubs..he would have gotten upset).

It was not me who has avoided the laundry sitting in the bedroom that has needed to get folded. Why can't it just fold itself??

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Funday

Thank you for all the kind words, through here and through Face book...and even texts, and phone calls...I am feeling much better. Yesterday, I had posted and mentioned just how uncomfortable I was feeling. Luckily, after a couple rounds of Imodium, I was up this morning feeling like a new gal.

Today, we had Mike's dad, Papa Ronnie...and his two little side kicks, Cameron and Riley, over at the house to watch the Chiefs game. We had some steaks on the grill, along side with my infamous grilled veggies (so delicious), ending with some Homemade Ice Cream. I snagged a few pictures, but once again...please excuse the quality of them. A Blackberry can only do so much!

They always, always stand

Riley and Cameron


Throwing the football in the front yard, while Buck and Kaci just waits.   
Tonight, I finally sat down and watched the show Sister Wives. It wasn't 5 minutes in to it that I wanted to go through the screen and smack not only Kody, but all the wives for thinking and believing this was what they wanted. They contradicted themselves the whole time stating that this life style was a blessing, and the more the merrier, but then they spoke of struggles with jealousy, companionship, constant insecurities. It's enough in a monogamous marriage...why add to it?

This coming weekend we get our fence up! I know I said that 2 weekends ago, or was it 3? Anyways, it's
 gonna get done, and I am once again, so excited!

Tomorrow's supposed to be 85! Eighty freakin' five! Where's the Fall weather I've been longing for?!

Last Night's Dream

So, I'm beginning to think I have an addiction.

Well, I've always known I have had an addiction because I have often called myself a bloggaholic, but last night went to a whole new level.

This is John and Sherry Petersik, with their precious baby girl, Clara.

Picture from Google Images

They are from one of my favorite, favorite sites called Young House Love in which I find myself browsing their things for countless minutes hours on end (of course when there is nothing that needs to be done here.).

Last night, we, as in John, Sherry and myself (I don't know where the hubs was) ate dinner together, and discussed Modge Podge, which I know that came from where I was browsing the blog, Modge Podge Rocks

I think I need help...or maybe just cutting back a little on how much time I spend blog browsing. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

You are What You Eat

Before you read, I do mention a few things that might make one grossed out...
so just be prepared when

I honestly think that the reason I feel the way I do majority of the time, is because of what I put in my body.

I am the first to admit that I don't eat properly, and I don't exercise the way I should.

So when I whine and complain about my looks, my size, and how I never feel good...I point the finger to one person, and one person

We didn't end up going to Memphis after all last night. When the hubs got home, he found out that Dale had to end up working the weekend, unexpectedly. (He's a Pharmacy Manager).

It ended up working out for the best because of several reasons...
  • The hubs and I had been nitpicking at each other for the past few days, so being in a truck for 4 hours solid with each other could have resulted in being feeling much longer.
  • We ate at a local Mexican restaurant and all night last night I felt like I had been struck with food poisoning. Throwing up, and "using the restroom" more than normal.
Today I have been so bloated. My stomach feels hard as a rock (with no abs unfortunately), and I feel so uncomfortable.

And to make matter's worse, Aunt Flo is in town, which magnifies the whole thing even more.

Being 2 weeks and a couple days late, I think she is trying to really make her presence be known.

But in all seriousness, I honestly wonder when it will sink in to my head that I need to start eating right...that  I need to do this for me.

I talk about how I want to lose weight before babies come so I won't have before and after baby weight to lose, and still that effects me none.

I did get out of the house for a little while to run some errands with the hubs.

I made him get me some Imodium in hopes that that will do the trick.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

  •  I absolutely hate break outs! I hate when I hit that certain time of the month, and all these horrific, terrifying, bumps come out to take on your face. 
  • I have an addiction to this drink. In fact, I have resorted to buying it by the jug instead of the tall metal cans (I leave those for work!). Right now in our fridge, I have a whole jug full of the Arizona Diet Green Tea. 
  • I have to get a new Fall/Winter wardrobe...and to be quite honest, I'm dreading it. I'll leave it at that.
  • I am so happy tomorrow is Friday. The hubs and I are planning to head to Memphis after work. I am excited about seeing our friends and newlyweds, Dale and Bridget.
  • Tonight, I snapped a picture of the hubs holding Buck. Friends and family know I love these puppies, but I promise you, the hubs is worse.
I promise he's not high.

  •  Tomorrow, the hubs is interviewing for a branch manager position. We both agree that what's meant to be will be. I am so proud of him.
  •  I cannot believe that it's almost Halloween, and then Thanksgiving...and then Christmas!! Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I love everything about the season...the meaning of the Christmas, the giving gifts, the family and friends...the lights. Everything...and not to mention..the anniversary to the man I love! I can't believe it's almost 2 years since we said "I do".
  • I hope everyone has a great Friday! The weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Officially Have Nothin'

Tonight, I officially can say I have writer's block.

I have nothing..nothing at all.

So instead of rambling on and on...I will say, "till I write again...."

Good night, y'all!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Blessings

There is nothing more fulfilling that something working out in just the knick of time.

Last weekend we had two different people come and do a free estimate on our fence that we were wanting to get finished.

Thinking that we were going to be provided with prices of no more than $3-400...ended up being numbers of $800 to $1000+. We were shocked!

To our surprise, our sweet neighbors (not the ones with the diesel truck) were on their back deck and over heard the conversation. Mr. James and his son, Jeremy had done their own fence a few years back and told us that Jeremy was looking to make some extra cash.

Needless to say, he's going to do our fence in two weeks for $175. We are so grateful.

Along with working on our home...way back when sometime last year I purchased a Smart Card with the idea of the hubs and I using the Home Depot coupons for our fence materials/deck.

Last week, when I took a closer look I noticed they were expired. I had a huge sad face (ask the hubs).

Today, while the hubs was sorting through the shred/keepers....he opened an envelope from Lowe's.

I am a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways. That He places little blessings in our life to remind us what an Amazing God He is.

We're so thankful!

On another happy note...the hubs took my car and got it fixed!

I had been living on the wild dangerous side driving around with no signals and caution lights. (I promise I used hand signals!)

Several weekends ago, my sister and I had drove to Atlanta for our precious niece, Olivia Kate's first birthday!

Thank the good Lord, we survived the busy, crazy traffic of Atlanta (and just driving period). My sweet dad tried fixing it by checking the fuses, but was unable to actually diagnose the problem (and not to mention it was 9:00 at night). I was so thankful for his thoughtfulness and trying!

It's amazing how what started out being a somewhat "ugh kind of day" ended up being wonderfully blessed!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today in Pictures (with a few captions)

A beautiful Tennessee day!

Like Father, like son. Watching the Chiefs game...and being very loud!
Our sleepy Kaci...poor girl, look at those nails! Tomorrow she get's groomed!

Our fence didn't get put up this weekend. This was the latest idea for the pups, made by the hubs.

Our handsome Buck.

Happy Sunday!


  • Dear Fellow Kroger Shopper, I intended on getting in and out in a matter of 15 minutes top (the reason why I went shopping for my goods so late), but ended up being there much too late since you decided to reunite with your best friend from childhood in the checkout lane.
  • Dear Hubby, I know this is like every other Sunday with a football game on, but I really prefer not jumping in my own skin every 2 minutes from your yells and screams at the tube.
  • Dear Customer who reaches in her bra in front of me, I honestly really have no words for the germs and skank that you bring out in to my window, and not to forget when you hand me your cash deposit.
  • Dear Neighbor, I know you like to change your "loud, obnoxious, over sized Diesel Truck that wakes us up every time you come home in the wee hours of the mornings" oil...but just so you know, all that oil has spilled in to our yard over time and has ruined our side of the fence where you obviously don't know how to dispose of it correctly. We will eventually be discussing this with you.
  • Dear Reader...ignore my just had to be said typed.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Great Debate

I have been going back and forth in my head between what I wanna do, and what I should do.

Like everyone else in this world, I am an avid fan of the social network, Facebook. Surprised? Probably not.

Lately I have become annoyed with the drama, the gossip, the's like everything gets to me, and half the stuff that I am getting annoyed at, is what I am doing or started doing.

It has made me become apart of it.

Out of the 694 friends I have listed, I talk and communicate with only a handful. I find myself stalking, and wasting countless of hours in front of the computer screen when I could be very well doing something else productive.

No, I'm not deleting my page...please don't panic, I will still be around. But I think I may be doing a Fall cleaning on Facebook.

I hope and pray that I don't get interpreted of being snoody, offended by anyone in particular, or what's seriously not that. I have just come to realize that if my number of friends is under 20, then that's okay.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Funny Story (Well, to us)

Ever since we have lived in this house, we have done all of our shopping, eating out...anything that is our "go to, need something" activity usually the next town over which is Gallatin.

We live in a little town called Lebanon, but where our house is located at, it's closer to go to Gallatin rather than drive in to the heart of our own town.

I work in Gallatin, I grocery shop in Gallatin...yeah, you get my point.

Along the main drag, we pass by this house that obviously has a young girl that lives there.

For the longest time, every time I would pass to go to work or any where, I would see this young girl sitting in a white lawn chair parked right there in her driveway close to the main road.

I, personally, thought it was kind of random for someone to be sitting in the middle of a driveway staring at the passing cars that went by. She wouldn't sit under the car port, or under a tree...just pretty much next to the mailbox.

I would see the young girl so often every day, that I began referring to her as "my friend".

The hubs and I began bringing "my friend" in to our every day conversation. It almost became like a instant thought when you would come to that part of the road to automatically look to see if she was sitting in her white lawn chair.

Up until recently, I wouldn't see her sitting in her white lawn chair. I wouldn't see her at all.

I became worried that something might have happened to the young girl.

Until not too long ago when I saw her walking across her front yard...

Me: Guess who I saw today...

Hubs: Who?

Me: My friend...

Hubs: Was she okay?

I honestly couldn't help but laugh to myself after I hung up the phone with my hubs.

It's true to say that I bet she has no idea she is a daily pick for our conversation...

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Way Too Fast of a Weekend Recap

I had such a great, productive weekend...a weekend that in turn flew by so incredibly fast.

It started out rising and shining early Saturday morning to meet with my coworkers friends, Danielle and Heather to head to downtown Nashville for the heart walk that the American Heart Association puts on every year.

I hate that I didn't get any great pictures, but what I have is better than none, right?

Just a small portion of people that were there.

My hearts I had painted on :)

Heather. She won $50 bucks to CVS!

Danielle. Heather and myself...with our boas! :)
We had such a great time going from vendor to vendor, booth to booth grabbing brochures and goodies to fill our bag up with.

After our 2.5 mile walk...what better place to grab lunch at than The Mellow Mushroom.

This place is absolutely delicious. I opted out on the pizza, and instead got what is called the Capri Hoagie (pesto mayo, fresh mozzarella, springy veggies with a vinagarette dressing...makes my mouth water it's so good!).

If there's one in your area, I definitely recommend it!

Saturday evening, the hubs and I just hung around the house. I love times like that and I cherish them.

Sunday was a day of rest cleaning.

Our house seriously needed it..and what better way to bring out the Fall decor than in a clean house!

On our coffee table...

I love these place mats!

Finally after a days worth of cleaning, we ended the weekend with Chili Dogs!

And not to mention, I had to spoil this little pup!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Exciting Stuff and Boiled Peanuts

This is my way of winding down, and attempting to get my eye lids heavy.

I mentioned in last night's post that some of my co-workers friends and I are doing the Heart Walk tomorrow morning in Nashville...which means I'm gonna have to be an early bird, in which I am so not.

I'm sure I will have a good time though, and Heather is planning on taking pictures! Thank goodness for friends with cameras! (Hubs: If you're reading this, you can surprise me soon! he he)

I have a couple of things that would be considered exciting in the Thomas household...(drum roll here)

We are finally starting the process of getting our fence finished.

Winter 2009

There's really not a whole lot in getting it finished. When we bought the house, it came with the sides already up, but not closed in in the front, so that's all we lack with the fence issue.

You ask "what's so exciting about a fence?"

Well, 2 puppies that has to be leashed when outside = major inconveniences. (I know that sounds bad, but in all truth, it will be nice on beautiful days like today when they can spend time outside running and playing.)

So, hopefully, fingers won't be too crazy expensive (which it shouldn't be) to do, and we can get this done pretty darn soon!

Another exciting possibility, is the hubs called me today with a opening at a certain location along with a certain job title. I don't want to say too much too just be praying that what's meant to be, will be.

I'm so proud of my husband, and I know that whatever happens, and whatever he decides to do, I will stand behind him 100%.

On a different note...

Today on my lunch I stopped at a convenience store that had a sign that said Boiled Peanuts.

I have so many fond memories of vacations where Boiled Peanuts came in to play during my childhood years.

Luckily, the lady was willing to tell me how she made them, considering they were in a crock pot right there in the store.

I love it when recipes come about, and it just so happens you have everything you need already in the pantry.

So, I come home..grab my bag of Unsalted Peanuts, some salt, the Crock Pot ...and of course fill my pot up with water...and let it sit on High for about 7 hrs. peanuts didn't taste quite that good.

I think I need to find something else to give it a bit of a kick. Any suggestions??