Monday, September 13, 2010

Today I Realized....

........that no matter how much sleep I get over the weekend, getting up on any Monday is just as hard.

........that I will never, ever as hard as I try, be able to fully enjoy eating chicken off the bone. I find it so much easier, and appealing to eat a Chicken tender than I do a thigh, a wing...or any other body part of a bird. I can't even eat it the right way, which is the "finger lickin', all in your face" eating. Proof is on the plate, this girl ate started to eat it with a fork!

........that I am so thankful for the person(s) who created this baby. When working in the public, with my any job, you find that you come in contact with some pretty raunchy people. I have actually, in past times, had a woman reach in to her bra, and pull out her money in which she proceeded to hand me without thinking twice. Let me paint this picture for you...sweaty, wet, and on top of just being money, filled with God knows what kind of germs. So, where ever you are, what ever you are doing, I thank you for hand sanitizer.

........that before I post something on Face Book for the world to see, I should carefully read it to make sure it cannot be misinterpreted in any way, shape, form or fashion. In example:

Yes, needless to say my face was a bit red when someone made that sort of comment. In all reality, I was referring to the Hubs playing his beloved "Modern Warfare" on the XBox Live and didn't even think what it might have sounded like I was talking about. I was laying in the bed trying to get heavy eyed when I was typing it, all the while he was in the Living Room getting frustrated at the game. Lovely...sorry to all the young eyes who might have read and wondered.

........that for the time being, these little fur babes are my our babies, and until we have human babies, they are who will be consuming my oohing and awing in the Thomas household. I cannot help it...I just adore these puppies.

........that I am officially a bloggaholic. No further explanation needed.

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Amber said...

I don't eat anything off the bone!!! It completely grosses me out now. I use to eat stuff on a bone with a fork, but since being pregnant with Olivia, it would just make me sick. So I haven't ate anything on a bone in over a year now. I honestly even have a hard time watching others eat off the bone. It's Gross! :p