Thursday, September 30, 2010

This and That

I honestly had planned on blogging later this evening when I actually had something to blog about.

Is it just me, but does anyone else find "Old School" not funny?

My hubby finds it so interesting and so funny, but me? I don't think I have laughed or chuckled one time.

Anyways, on to more interesting things rambles to say.

Today I made my daily stop at Goodwill. For family and friends who know me personally, they can say that Goodwill is one of my absolute favorite stores, in this world.

And what really entices me is when I can make it to a Goodwill out of Tennessee. I'm like a kid in a candy shop. I love it.

Today while browsing the frames and pictures, I found an amazing oil painting of an American Eskimo dog. I think I shrieked in excitement, because I instantly knew I had to have it. It looks just like Buck!

It's going to hang on my "anything and everything wall", as I like to call it.

This Saturday, 2 of my co-workers, Heather and Danielle , and myself are heading downtown to do the Heart Walk. I'm excited about being a part of this, and I am sure there will be pictures taken, but I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to getting up so, so early on a Saturday and my day off.

The Lord was in full control yesterday over the doctors and team at St. Thomas hospital. Mike's cousin had to have Quadruple Bypass Surgery at only 41 years old. Thankfully, he's doing so well that they have taken him out of ICU and has put him in his own room. We were planning on visiting him this evening, but thought it would be best if we waited till tomorrow.

It is only 20 after 7, and I am already debating on moving my bed time up to 8 now. I have been so extremely sleepy, that seriously in between waiting on customers I have caught myself fighting to keep my eyelids open.

I am addicted to this blog, Young House Love. I seriously want them to come and redo my house. That would be a dream!

Well, enough rambling for tonight. Hope everyone has a Happy Friday!


Paige said...

I agree, once again. I think "Old School" is considered a "Stupid Funny Movie" to me, and I hate those!

I have heard really good things about a Goodwill in Springfield maybe? Does that sound right? I've been planning to make a trip there one day soon.

There are some girls that post those "what I wore wednesday" and they have some AMAZING items from Goodwill, it makes me oh so jealous!

Traci said...

I'm glad someone else is as addicted to Goodwill as me! Love your little blog :)