Sunday, September 19, 2010

Starting Over on a Random Note

  • I'm trying to refocus my thinking to a more positive way about this whole blog thing. I think I got a few eye rolls when I told the hubs just how bummed I was that I was going to have to start over. It was a major sad face. If you want to check out any of my old stuff, you can find it here 
  • We had a blast at a wedding we attended last night. The hubs was Best Man for his best friend, Dale. They had pretty much grown up together and remained friends through thick and thin..pretty much anything and everything you can imagine. I was able to snap a few pictures with my Blackberry, so that's why the quality isn't that great. 
Mr. and Mrs.

My handsome hubs and I
Best Friends

  • This afternoon the hubs and I ran to our local Lowe's. We have been needing a new vacuum cleaner, just because having two puppies that somewhat shed, it just wasn't doing the trick. Let's just say...I love this thing! It's the BISSELL Lift-Off Multi-Cyclonic Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum with Detachable Canister (Phew...thank goodness I could copy and paste that!) I came home and vacuumed the whole house, and it seriously makes a world of difference when you have a good one!

  • Speaking of Lowe's...the hub's had a bright idea that I had no way of deterring him from. I'm hoping I can somewhat get used to it, and it won't get on my nerves as much. He felt like we went through so much trash...that he wanted to get one of these for the kitchen!
 Yes that is a 42 gallon garbage can for our KITCHEN TRASH!!
You probably already know what my original reaction to his idea was...
  • I went to Verizon because I woke up the other morning to the screen to my Blackberry bleeding. Yes, I said bleeding. You know the ink on the screen...when it looks like a Magna Doodle. Yeah, that's what it looks like. Thank goodness for insurance!
  • Thursday I am getting my hair done and I cannot wait. This girl is getting paranoid about her roots...and that just can't go on. I have decided that I am going to go back closer to my natural color especially since Fall is getting close.
  • Speaking of Fall...I hung up my Fall wreath on our front door. Oh how I love this time of year!
  • Well...I'm guessing I need to holler at the husband to take our 42 gallon garbage can to the garage...(I threw away an old comforter, so that's why it's gotten full so fast!) 
Have a wonderful evening!


    Tami W said...

    I think I would spray paint that thing white.

    Heather G said...

    I think the can needs to find its way outside and stay there

    Kim said...

    i would never allow Brandon to have that inside. You are a good woman, Liz!!

    Amber said...

    That's going to start to stink before you two even fill it up. I agree with Heather! : )