Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Fun!

There's this place called The Art Mill here in Lebanon that everyone has been talking about.

Finally, last night I hopped on the chance to go with my best friend, Jacquelyne.

We had so much fun, so much fun that I'm already studying the calendar the Art Mill puts out.

Of course, I told her she had to bring her camera to snag a few pics so I could blog about my first painting experience.

The funny thing is, is I found it very therapeutic.

We didn't talk much because we were so in tune with making our witch's boots perfectly whimsical.

Almost finished...

Focused (This was staged actually, lol)
Besties with our finished products!

I'm so excited about displaying my new painting!

It's a toss up between hanging it on the front door with some
cute ribbon tied...or on the mantel in the Living Room!

Pictures to come!


Amber said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I SOOOOOO wanna do this!!!!! I will most likely be up there the second week in November and I told mom I HAVE to go there!!!! Love your art!!!!

Heather said...

I LOVE this!! I've heard of Sips-n-Strokes but I didn't know we had a place in Lebanon. So cute..those witch boots. I'm def. going there.

The Forrest Family said...

I want to go again! LEt me know when you get a chance to go...and let me know!!!!!!!!! I love it! :)