Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rambling on a Saturday Night

  1.  I am loving my new and improved layout!!! I found it at April Showers Blog Design tonight while browsing for a new layout. I knew off hand I didn't want to pay for a layout because of my track record of always changing it (and the title!). So when I came across the layouts where you could personalize them, I got a wee bit excited!
  2. So my plan of cleaning today didn't go as planned. I don't know why, but the hubs and I ended up sleeping till 1:30!! I honestly was mad at myself because half my day was already done. Apparently, I needed it though.
  3. I am planning on posting about our vacation to the Bahamas and Key West very, very soon! I had actually posted one, but ended up deleting it because I decided not to make it in to Part 1, Part 2 and so forth. It will be short and sweet!
  4. I have had such baby fever lately. I finally brought the subject up to the hubs, once again...but decided to take a much different approach. It makes me laugh just looking at it.
  5. I sent it to his phone...a real serious approach, huh?
  6. The other day, I went in to the local Goodwill that just so happens to be located directly behind my work, on my lunch break. I was so excited when I found a brand new, in mint condition bright red, leather Fossil purse for $3.99! I fell in love instantly and new I couldn't pass up this deal especially since it would look great in the upcoming seasons.
  7. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Diet Dr. Pepper? If only they were as good as water is for you.
  8. I am itching for a new car. I know, I know...for those who know me, they would probably say, "you don't need a new car though". I know, I would just love to have a new one. The sad thing is, is my car is an '05..and due to the way I have treated looks much older. The inside, that is.
  9. I think I jumped about a million and one times during the Ohio State game. The hubs was yelling so loud. I know he's cheering for his team, but goodness gracious!
  10. Maybe tomorrow it will be all nasty outside and I will be forced to clean. 
  11. This past weekend I drove to Louisville to visit my sister and her family. Every time I visit, I laugh so much I literally come so close to peeing in my pants each time. I love her so much, and as I have gotten older, I appreciate her and who she is more each day. Here is just one of the many pictures I took..
Tired..but still wide awake. 

        11. While in Louisville, we went to this Gift Shop...and I promise you, I could have bought the whole store out. From the Vera Bradley to the candles, to the wall was my kind of place! This piece of work caught my eye, and I loved it so much I snapped a picture with my Blackberry. Call me hormonal, but it made me cry right there in the store. My sister thought I was loony!

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Amber said...

I loved that sign when you posted the pic on fb!!! I want to copy it somehow and post it in the house!

I think Olivia needs a new little cousin! ; )