Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Me Monday

Now this is something I haven't done or even seen in a while!

And I am absolutely lovin' the new icon!

This was originally created over at Mckmama's blog...and it was such a hit. 
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  • It was not me who who couldn't fall asleep last night till my hubby got home from his road trip to the Kansas City Chiefs game. It was not me who once he got home, and in the bed...wanted to chit chat and hear all about his fun filled weekend while he was on the edge of being incoherent.
  • It was not me who indulged in a small bag of Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Almonds while at Kroger. It was not me who totally justified the purchase by telling myself it was free of sugar.
  • It was not me who totally stuck her foot in her mouth by begging the hubs to let me get a specific camera, only to find out he was all along planning to surprise me with one.
  • It was not me who came home with the intentions of picking up the house a little, only to cook dinner, and blog away.
  • It was not me who chuckled when the hubs received another camera ticket from the MJPD. Those cameras are ridiculous.
  • It was not me who jumped for joy when I walked outside this morning and fell in love with the crisp, coolness of the Fall weather. It was not me who questioned her wardrobe for about 10 minutes before getting dressed for work.
Happy Monday!


Heather said...

ahhh...sucked into the big bad blog world once again!! I know the feeling. LOL :)

Paige said...

I agree about those camera tickets, ridiculous! Although, I would have snickered too! haha.
If you drove 31-e to get to Glasgow then you came through my town...I live right past Westmoreland.

Paige said...

S-ville is it =) We do have some pretty farms around here and then some dumps too! haha. We will have to have a "blogger meet up" one day for lunch! I would like to set one up in the Bowling Green area in the future sometime. Who knows how that will work out though.