Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Hair and Gum

I had to share two things with you this evening....

I finally got my hair done today!

I must say that even though my hair has been every color it seems like (well, except red), each time it takes me a while to soak it in.

But it needed it...bad. My roots were something awful.

Talking about makes me think of something I saw on one of my favorite

I wouldn't consider myself trendy. When I think of trendy, I think of trends like the infamous popping the collar, animal prints (which I still love), bowl cuts, and skinny jeans (which I so wish I could wear).

However, this is one trend that I think is hideous.
Apparently, letting your roots go until they're half way down your head is called Ombre' Hair Color.

Now if only I would have waited a little bit longer, I would have apparently been sporting the latest trend...

Side Note...

Has anyone seen these in the stores? I was at the salon earlier, and one of the hair dresser's was showing off the 3 different packs of gum she had in her purse.

Can you believe this?? Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Shortcake and then there's Key Lime Pie.
Genius, I say.


Heather G said...

love the hair!!!!

Stephanie said...

So why not red? As a natural red head, I can testify to the fact that we are known to be the feistiest women. Its so rare, it makes me feel interesting :)

Amber said...

Love the hair! It looks great! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!