Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Love for....

The hubs and I would like to think we made a very responsible decision several months ago.

I honestly can admit that I am a movie junkie...some people consider themselves a book junkie, or a concert junkie...but I personally will call myself a movie junkie.

I love movies, old movies, new movies...funny movies, scary movies, dumb movies...you name it, I love them all.

Way back when we were looking in to the several different options we had of Red Box, Netflix, renting movies from Blockbuster..or paying to see a movie at the theatre, we opted to go for the Netflix.

No late fees, having the option to watch it instantly (ours is with the XBox), fast and free delivery...we just couldn't beat it.

Here are a just a small bit of my favorites...

Oh how I love this movie. Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer made this movie happen.
Ashame this movie was never out in theatres.

This was another favorite of mine, however...I did think it 
had a very slow start to it.

(Sorry, about the foreign language.)
I loved Robert Pattinson in this movie. I still can't get past the whole
"Edward" feel he has. The ending makes the whole watch worth it!

And now...out of all the movies available on Netflix....we are watching none other than one of best movies ever known....


Paige said...

So I have to be honest and say that we use Netflix at work to pass the third shifts by whenever I work them. One of the officers has an account so it works out perfectly (isn't that awful? lol) I love action movies and wanted to watch Felon but wasn't sure how great it would be. I am glad to know that you like it. I also cannot get over the whole "Edward" feel that Robert has, it's almost freaky that none of them seem to be able to come out of their character?

I'm so glad that you are following my blog now too! Thank you for the sweet comments lately!

Paige said...

So, I am trying to follow this blog and it will not let me? Strange. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to change something on my blog?

Paige said...

Oh my, it will not even let me delete your old link! Craziness! I will try again tomorrow, but I will continue to check this one out until I am able to actually "follow" along! Lol, if you have twitter you can add me on there! There is a link up on my blog.