Sunday, September 12, 2010

Me and My Silly Ways....

I won't lie and say that I am the most normal person out there, because we all know that would be total deception. I was thinking the other day just how weird I am. Yes, I was thinking about myself..what an odd person I am. Go ahead and laugh.

I love to eat...Lord knows that...there's no denying that one. One of my favorite foods is a nice, tasty piece of pizza! If you saw me eat my pizza, you'd probably think I was being rude...not eating it a normal way. However, I love scraping all of the toppings off, eating that first, and then diving in to the doughy part and the crust.

I have the local funeral homes listed under my favorites on my computer. Yes, that is odd...but I do have a valid reason. When I worked in Mt. Juliet...I became close with a lot of my customers. Some of the older people, I thought of them as grandparents. They would come by and tell me about their day, and you couldn't help but wonder if you taking the time to listen was the high light of their day. About a year ago, I was browsing one of the funeral home's website and found several of my dearest customers listed...they had passed away, and had passed away so long ago. I now keep an eye on it...daily.

I get faintish at the sight of blood if it's right in front of me...but scary movies, and any type of forensic shows I find very interesting.

One of my biggest fears is getting lost. I always have printed out directions, or some type of navigational device to help me out if I am going out of  "my territory".

In my younger days, I could talk on the phone for hours. Now, I hate talking on the phone. I prefer texts...but if you do call, and I am able to give you my undivided attention I will answer. I figure why answer the phone if I'm going to be distracted and hardly paying attention to you.

I dream, and dream and dream...and wish and wish and wish for things to happen...and even when it's in my power to have or achieve, I will never finish it. It's one of my biggest things I hate about myself because I feel like I'm not a "go getter".

I still write my name over and over and over again...finding new ways that I can create it. Proof is in the purse!

Now tell me, what's some of your silly ways??


Kim said...

I can not clean while people are home/in the room. When I was a kid (like 8 thru 14) I would clean my room in the middle of the night. Quietly. That's kind of silly.

Amber said...

David and I were just having this same conversation about the "weird" stuff we do. I have a ton...I can't sleep with a closet door open, I'm always rubbing my fingers together...the list could go on!