Thursday, September 9, 2010

It Feels Better in a List

The other night while laying in bed going over our happenings of our day, I told the hubs that our house was getting to me.

I know he immediately thought to himself I was referring to wanting to buy a new house...but I wasn't.

I was talking about cleaning. Throughout the years, I have gotten better about using that word. I honestly hate that word half the time until I get in a mood, and I want to clean everything in sight.

Well, apparently I'm in one of those moods. It is driving me insane having such an unorganized house...and the bad thing about it is it's just him and I along with 2 dogs.

While laying in bed, I told him I wanted to take this upcoming weekend and go full force with it...tackling each room. And when I said full force cleaning, I meant base boards, each and every nook and's getting done.

I made a list, and between the hubs and I...we will decide what rooms we want each taking a bathroom and bedroom.

It will be such a fun weekend!


Amber said...

Please come down to my house next with your list. I'm pretty sure everything on that list needs to be done at my house too! Good luck this weekend! : )

Kim said...

Crap, I clean like that every 1-2 weeks! Don't forget the top of the fridge and ceiling fans!!