Monday, September 20, 2010

I Gotta Tell Ya...

....I'm in a funk.

Not just a blogging funk, but an actual funk.

Sometimes I wish life had a handbook, a manual on how to handle situations with care, giving just enough attitude to make the situation just right, with just enough love not to hurt know, honestly, that would make my life easier.

I stare at this dusty, finger print lovin' screen wanting to blog about something interesting, and I gotta tell ya, I have nothing.

I hate seeing a blank page where what I would like to think, held my witty and creative has nothing.

I sit in a kitchen, where a 42 freakin' gallon trash can takes up all of my right side peripheral vision, and honestly it makes me wanna open the front door and throw it in the front yard. It's ridiculously big, but...being a good wife I am trying to be, I am picking my battles rather than fight whine about this one.

I'm craving some Fried Chicken on the bone (which I honestly don't like, which adds to the strangeness)...or Fried Shrimp (preferably from Cracker Barrel), but I'm opting to eat healthy and save money by eating in.

I have a hubs who is getting on my nerves, God love his precious soul. I love him, but his "watching football every day and night that it is available" is driving me bonkers...because he yells and yells and yells at a screen that even me, knows they can't hear him. I know it's a man thing, but seriously??

I just gotta tell ya...I'm in a funk this evening, and I'm thanking the Lord tomorrow's a new day.

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Tami W said...

I will go to Red Lobster with you. It is all you can eat shrimp.....Don't be in a funk you have to much going for you. And stray paint the trash can. Love you!