Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

  • Yesterday I had a vision of what I wanted to get accomplished around the house. Talking via text with my hubs about "my vision"...he yet again made me smile and chuckle to myself. (Actually making me laugh out  so loud, I had to share with my co-workers.) Here is a portion of our conversation:

This is yet another reason why I love him so much. He makes me laugh everyday whether it's something he says or does. I love you, babe!

  • Apparently the hubs and I weren't the only ones needing a nap when we got home. We slept for about an hour, to come in to the kitchen and find Buck passed out on the kitchen floor. 

  • Tomorrow is Friday, which means 1 week from tomorrow we will be heading to New Orleans after work! I honestly cannot wait, and I'm sure y'all can't either so I will shut up about it!
  • My poor Ops Manager has strep throat. I hope she feels better soon!
  • UP DATE: We found out yesterday that the tests Hubs had to take to check his Gallbladder came back normal. After reviewing everything, doctors decided that it wasn't necessary to do surgery, but to take medicine when he felt it was causing him discomfort. I am probably gonna schedule a follow up appointment after our Cruise!
  •  Well, enough thoughts for today! Hope everyone has a Happy Friday! 

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Thanks for the well wishes!