Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Progress Has Been Made

Not too long ago, I posted an entry talking about how something had to be done around this house with our organizational skills.

It was not only getting to my hubs, but to me. Something had to give.

I still ponder how two people can let it get like that. Starting this evening, things are changing...and I mean it.

I came home and started with our bedroom. I pulled everything out of the chest of drawers, separated Mike's clothes from rid of some, and then some more stuff...and before we know it, we had this....

I can honestly say I am ashamed of ourselves for letting it get to this. I knew I had endless amounts of clothes not being worn when so many of it could be getting used for countless things.

So to Goodwill they go....this weekend.

All of these bags won't fit in my car.

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