Monday, August 2, 2010

Much Better and a Whole Lot of Nothing

I think everyone knows just how much I love Goodwill. I seriously think I could furnish my whole house (in which I think I seriously have) from that place.

I have always thought that our house had a bunch of busyness going on...particularly in pictures, pictures of us. We have pictures galore in our house, and something that I have been conscious about is having too much of just the hubs and I....particularly in self portraits.

Another project of mine is to hang a lot of our framed pictures on the wall. Here below is a prime example of the busyness we have had going. In all honesty, I was trying to hide the eye sore of wires we have going on behind the TV center.

Sorry about the blinding glare...that's what Blackberry camera's will do 
for ya!

But then...I made my weekly daily trip to Goodwill, where I racked up on this fabulous buy of baskets! Oh how I love them!

One big basket in the center with two small ones on
the side.
The hubs and I think it looks a million times better. He has easy access to his gaming gear toys without having them exposed to the world, and the wires are disguised a lot better. Like I said, ya gotta love Goodwill!

Now on to more thoughts...

  • My love had his Hida Scan done this morning. We were thinking he would be "deathly ill for 5 minutes" as the nurse told us at the hospital. He said it was nothing. He got hooked up to an IV and then had to drink this liquid. We're waiting for the results hoping that we will know something sometime this week whether or not surgery will be needed to remove his gallbladder.
  • Today was a crazy, hectic day which made me 10 times more thankful to have a hubs and a home to come home to. I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of team players who makes it so much more enjoyable to come in to work each morning!
  • We are down to 2 weeks and 5 days till our Cruise! Can ya tell I'm excited??! 
  • Wednesday afternoon at 4 I start with a trainer at a local gym (the civic center) and I am in all honesty looking forward to it with the same nervous feeling. He's a "middle aged black boot camp guy" who looks like someone who would be a drill Sargent. He starts with an "interview" discussing our lifestyle, our goals...etc, etc...and takes that and creates a workout plan. We will see how this goes. We know how I love to stick with things.
  • Kaci and Buck are still loving having one another around for companionship. They make us laugh everyday with how they play with one another. 
  • I'm kind of disappointed that I will be missing another month of book club. I will definitely be attending September's meet, girls!
  • Well, I'm hoping everyone has a good night! I'm off to take a shower and hit the sack! Night, bloggers!


Anonymous said...

We did miss you this past month and will miss you this month at book club. Come back to us soon...

Anonymous said...

Did you get your framed pics hung up? I have that problem, however; I have about 25 or so framed pics to hang up! lol! I wanted to paint fist but doubt that will be happenin anytime soon. So maybe 1 day if you have time you can help me figure out how to arrange all of my pics...& I can help you if you havent hung yours.

I love baskets too& your entertainment center looks real good with them. I have several of those things that you put all your cords in to keep them from sticking out everywhere. I'm not sure where I have stuck them all at the moment but I willl keep my eye out for them. I bought several when we had the shop & dont think we even used them all. we have been so wasteful & I'm trying to do better lately. I had a thought yesterday of puttin all my excess hoarding items in the front yard by the fence & just put a big sign that says FREE & maybe I would wake up the next morning & it would all be gone. LOL!

I'm so looking forward to the cruise...Papa ron hasnt found a babysitter yet, so he may have to stay home.. HA HA!