Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Getting to Me

I can honestly say I cannot believe I am posting these pictures on my blog.

But they are real, and it is something I have been torturing myself everyday wishing I could get myself to change.

Yes, it's some of the rooms in our cute little house.

I have seriously contemplated contacting Sherry and John from Young House Love to come and fix this married couple up with some organizational skills. I absolutely love their website, and I often find myself checking it everyday more than once.

This is what we call our Office, also known as Husband's domain, since he spends more time in here than I do. I thought about sprucing this bad boy up in Ohio State themed decor, but haven't gotten to that point yet. Why you ask?...I haven't a clue. But as soon as I do know, I will let you know!

The white desk against the far wall below the bulletin board is my desk. I used to have my laptop there, but I have gotten in to the habit of just keeping the computer in the living room or in the bedroom.

The daybed usually holds everything...anything from dry cleaning to my yoga mat, to Cd's and gift bags. There's a huge pile of shred that the hubs keeps promising me he will haul off to his work to shred, but it still continues to lay there.

My biggest eye sore is that ugly internet chord we have wrapped around the desk rail. It's so ugly, and just isn't in place.

I think honestly if we could get some sort of organizing going, then it would be alot better. I have thought about getting rid of the daybed, but the hubs wants to keep it.

This room is the guestroom/storage room/future nursery to our future baby. I absolutely adore the color that the previous owners/our friends chose for it, and it was actually the room for their precious twins. You're probably wondering how we could have guests come and sleep in a room with no bedding. In reality, just a couple weeks ago, I pulled the comforter off this bed and transferred it into our room because it needed to be cleaned.

And this room is supposed to be where all the magic happens, right?? I honestly hate this room because it's so drab. It needs color, it needs to be a place where we want to retreat to, and instead I (we) only find myself  ourselves wanting to come in here if the lights are off, so I don't have to think about it.

Basically, what I am wanting to tackle each room over the course of the months ahead. I want to make these rooms appealing so that when people come over, we don't have to keep the doors shut and freak out if they take a peak.

Anyone else like this?? Don't judge...I promise my kitchen and living room is lovely!

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Kim said...

I'm working on the guest room cause no baby will be in there before we move out! Black and white.. I'm working on a blog- but waiting till I finish the room. I know what you mean... I have a hand truck in my "guest room" :o)