Sunday, July 18, 2010


Friday had a few unexpected surprises!

We got this precious little guy that we have grown to love, named Buck.

This was after his first vet visit with Dr. Parsely. He was one worn out little guy!
And he gets along so well with Kaci. We were wondering how she would do considering she has been the only one in the house for close to a year and a half...but she absolutely loves it!

They play and play all day long chasing each other...and then lay right next to each other when they get worn out.

And no truth in the phrase, "the little guy gets picked on"....not in this house. Buck is one feisty little instigator. From pulling on Kaci's tail, ears and biting at her feet..then darting to the coffee table to take cover.

Excuse the ghost like image

It's been fun...what can I say...I love my pups!

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Kim said...

When we got Pop Tart we were worried to! We even took Delilah with us- just to make sure!! After a few hours of realizing that the little one has to stay here, she became "Mommy" to her, just like she was her own. She gets in tons of messes, but when she snuggles next to me (like she is now!) on the couch- I love her :o)