Saturday, July 31, 2010

Using My Time Wisely...

I am so annoyed with the weather right now.

I'm annoyed because I know without a doubt that we need all this rain that has decided to come our way, but it has been teasing me all day long.

I had to work today till one, and of course right when we all head out the door, the sky falls out, and of course it decides to stay this way until around 2:30, then it turns bea-u-tiful. Silly me decides to lay down for a small nap, and of course when I wake up....dark gray skies are what I see when I look out my window.

Now, what I should be doing is using my time wisely and cleaning while the hubs away at a Suntrust Golf Tournament....but instead I am blogging, Face booking...and making these bad boys.

There are just about a million and one versions of these...but I chose the one off of Simply Recipes.. a blog that is currently under my daily reads, and favorites. You can click on both to pull up the link.

And believe it or not, they are very filling. I had only 2 small ones, and I have all of these left over for later on.

Now on to do the dishes and clean the rest of the house!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Getting to Me

I can honestly say I cannot believe I am posting these pictures on my blog.

But they are real, and it is something I have been torturing myself everyday wishing I could get myself to change.

Yes, it's some of the rooms in our cute little house.

I have seriously contemplated contacting Sherry and John from Young House Love to come and fix this married couple up with some organizational skills. I absolutely love their website, and I often find myself checking it everyday more than once.

This is what we call our Office, also known as Husband's domain, since he spends more time in here than I do. I thought about sprucing this bad boy up in Ohio State themed decor, but haven't gotten to that point yet. Why you ask?...I haven't a clue. But as soon as I do know, I will let you know!

The white desk against the far wall below the bulletin board is my desk. I used to have my laptop there, but I have gotten in to the habit of just keeping the computer in the living room or in the bedroom.

The daybed usually holds everything...anything from dry cleaning to my yoga mat, to Cd's and gift bags. There's a huge pile of shred that the hubs keeps promising me he will haul off to his work to shred, but it still continues to lay there.

My biggest eye sore is that ugly internet chord we have wrapped around the desk rail. It's so ugly, and just isn't in place.

I think honestly if we could get some sort of organizing going, then it would be alot better. I have thought about getting rid of the daybed, but the hubs wants to keep it.

This room is the guestroom/storage room/future nursery to our future baby. I absolutely adore the color that the previous owners/our friends chose for it, and it was actually the room for their precious twins. You're probably wondering how we could have guests come and sleep in a room with no bedding. In reality, just a couple weeks ago, I pulled the comforter off this bed and transferred it into our room because it needed to be cleaned.

And this room is supposed to be where all the magic happens, right?? I honestly hate this room because it's so drab. It needs color, it needs to be a place where we want to retreat to, and instead I (we) only find myself  ourselves wanting to come in here if the lights are off, so I don't have to think about it.

Basically, what I am wanting to tackle each room over the course of the months ahead. I want to make these rooms appealing so that when people come over, we don't have to keep the doors shut and freak out if they take a peak.

Anyone else like this?? Don't judge...I promise my kitchen and living room is lovely!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up

This past weekend, I think I sat down a total of 5 times to think about starting a post only to get caught up in reading blog after blog of home decorating and cooking. I honestly think I could spend all day everyday reading blogs. It has become one of most favorite low key things to do.

My poor husband hasn't been feeling his best lately. I ask for you to please pray for him. This all actually took us to the emergency room Thursday night. That in itself says something because he is not one to go to the doctor let alone the hospital. Ends up, doctors are thinking his Gallbladder is not working properly. We have to schedule a test to be done to determine that that is in fact the problem, and if will be next. He's on medications right now to ease the discomfort.

As of today, we have 3 weeks and 5 days till our Cruise! I text Mike everyday reminding him of how long we have. I seriously cannot wait. Can you tell just how excited I am?

I got the news yesterday that an old friend is pregnant. This erks me to no end. I don't understand how people can have baby after baby when  they make it be known they can't afford it. They use the whole line, "We plan to have as many children God provides for us"...meaning they use no birth control, nothing, nothing whatsoever. God also gave us a brain and wants us to use it, and make wise decisions. If you can't provide for the ones you have, why go off and add another one? I could go on and on so I'm gonna stop now.

I read on the news today that the laziest state in the United States is Louisiana. I told my hubs maybe he should move there. He didn't find it too funny. And in all actuality, my sweet hubs is the furthest from being lazy. I thank God everyday for the hardworking man He provided me with. Gosh, I love him!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting to Know You

1. Thong or Granny Panties?
Since those are my only two choices I would have to say Granny Panties..but I am a true fan of Hipster styles. There is nothing like buying new panties...I love it.
2. If you see a guy with his fly down, do you tell him?
If it's my hub's yes or someone in the family..then yes, but anyone else..nope.
3. Spanx or no Spanx?
If ya need them (like moi), then yes....
4. Do you sleep in your sheets?
No, we don't sleep with a loose sheet. I think there's no point to it except to get tangled up and thrown off the bed. All we sleep with is a comforter and half the time I'm throwin' that thing off.
5. What is your favorite Disney character?
I loved Piglet...I thought he was adorable.
6. Dream vacation spot?
Well, we're going on a Cruise in about 3 weeks to the Bahama's and I'm stoked about that. Any place outside of the US that is tropical would be a dream.
7. What is your dream job?
What I do career wise I absolutely love...and that's working at a bank. If I could go back in time, I would have loved to have worked in forensics. That always seems to interest me, and always has.
8. Who is your hero and why?
My husband, Mike....and that's not just because he's my husband. He accepts me every single day for who I am...good and bad, even on the days that I pretty sure come close to acting like Satan, he's right there loving me still. I honestly could never, ever show him just how much I love him and appreciate him.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time for a Change

I am in need of a change.

A change in my beloved blog world....but I need some help!

I am wanting to change the title of my sounds crazy, but now that we have added Buck, my blog title kind of contradicts itself.

By this Friday, I would like to have a name picked out and ready to go.

I will definitely let everyone know of the change!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Friday had a few unexpected surprises!

We got this precious little guy that we have grown to love, named Buck.

This was after his first vet visit with Dr. Parsely. He was one worn out little guy!
And he gets along so well with Kaci. We were wondering how she would do considering she has been the only one in the house for close to a year and a half...but she absolutely loves it!

They play and play all day long chasing each other...and then lay right next to each other when they get worn out.

And no truth in the phrase, "the little guy gets picked on"....not in this house. Buck is one feisty little instigator. From pulling on Kaci's tail, ears and biting at her feet..then darting to the coffee table to take cover.

Excuse the ghost like image

It's been fun...what can I say...I love my pups!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting to Know You

1. What is YOUR definition of sexy?
Definitely Confidence.
2. Would you rather clean up puke or change a poopy diaper?
Poopy diapers all day....there's just something about puke that gets me....
3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I would say a little of both. I meet new people all day long and that's one thing I absolutely love. I think I could talk to a wall if I had to.
4. If you had to give up one of your 5 senses for a year..which one would you give up?
Apparently, I'm getting a taste of what it would be like to lose hearing as one. My ear is still bothering me. I have till Thursday and if it still hasn't cleared up, I have to go to a Nose and Throat doctor.
5. Cake or Pie?
I love both....Red Velvet cake is my absolute favorite, but I love me some Dutch Apple Pie.
6. If you could play any character on TV (old or current) who would you play?
I would love to play Amy or Grace on "Secret Life of an American Teenager". We love that show!
7. My favorite website is.....?
I have several that I am always checking....Blogspot is one, Facebook of course, and then I love Better Homes and Gardens. That's just to name a few.
8. The highlight of my day is....?
Getting to see my hubs and talk about our day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Earaches and Such

  • Why is it when I start post out that is meant to be totally random and such, I absolutely cannot think of a thing to say. I sit here and stare at the screen when in reality if I meant to talk about a specific topic, I would go haywire and blab on and on about nothing. I am so weird like that.
  • Today made me that much more thankful for everything I have. A comfy bed that I could sleep in an extra couple hours, and enjoy it. Insurance so when my random aches and pains come about, I can head to the Minute Clinic and not pay a thing. Money, so when I need to head to the grocery store, I can and not only get what we need, but what we want. A house to come home to with a working air conditioner...when it feels like 100 degrees outside. And finally...a husband that I love and adore so much to make my evening that much more better. I am so thankful.
  • This is me from last night. I have been suffering through what I thought was "Swimmers Ear". It sucks to say the least. Apparently, staying in the water constantly...there just had to be repercussions for my actions. I was wrong. The cause of this is my allergies. I am praying that the medicines the doctor put me on will help ease the pain. And yes, I know this is not a very flattering picture....especially with a heating pad glued to my face.

  • I am getting so excited about Vacation. All I keep thinking about is that week when we on the boat without a care in the world. It will be a dream.
  • Kaci's having a rough time with her allergies. She keeps biting, and biting and biting. Poor thing.
  • Yesterday we had a guy come to one of the branches with a check made out for 300 trillion dollars. I really am not shocked and what people try to do now these days. Seriously.
  • I think the movie we are watching has to be the lamest out there. "Zombie Land", I think is the name of it???
  • Well, tomorrow is Friday! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Today Mike and I went to Christie and Tina's house for a cookout.

About a year ago (this August), they purchased a house in Nashville and began remodeling and making some major home improvements.

The house looks amazing! The paint, the walls, the flooring, the light fixtures....everything has been redone, and improved.

While standing at the back doors to the patio, I noticed the new doors that they had put in.

(These are windows that have the blinds in between the glass)

The doors had a magnetic slider that would open and close the blinds that were placed in between the glass, along with a slider that would raise the blind.
I was amazed.

And to be quite honest, so much...that I have been researching about 'em

A Weekend Wrap Up

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays....coming in as a close second with Christmas.

I love everything that goes with this time of year.

Summer...which in our house means friends, family, cookouts, swimming....and just having fun!

We started our weekend Friday night by heading to dinner over at Jimmy and Michelle's house...they are two of our really good friends.

Jimmy made his fabulous recipe of Sloppy Joe's with a side of their fresh, home grown grilled veggies.

We found out first hand just how much dogs animals hate fireworks. Kaci held on to dear life while I held her in my arms...she had her claws dug in to my skin...Viv, their Boxer mix darted off their property...only to have Michelle and I drive around for 30 minutes hollering her name. It was pitiful to say the least.

On a good note however, when we headed home from trying to find Viv, she was standing on the front porch waiting to be noticed. We were so relieved.

We ended the night by playing a game of Wii where I Michelle dominated the whole group in Bowling.

It was a great way to wrap up such a long week at work.

Saturday we celebrated my FIL's (Papa Ronnie) 50th Birthday! We had such a great time!

The festivities began about 4:30, but I headed over to the house a bit earlier to begin decorating with Brittany. You know the usual "Over the Hill" signs, with black decor.

Kathy (my MIL) had gotten the food from a local catering place called Two Fat Men Catering. I highly recommend them. We had food galore...and it was all delicious. We had BBQ brisket, Potato Au Gratin, Corn Casserole, Garlic and Cheddar biscuits, Brownies, and that's only part of it. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

I wish I was able to get more than 2 pictures out of the whole thing, but unfortunately all I had was my Blackberry camera. 

My FIL, Papa Ronnie....the Birthday Guy

The other picture I was able to snag was this one. Baby Easton is Matt and Amy's first child...he is absolutely precious. Amy and Jennifer are married to Mike's cousins. They are the sweetest, and I so wish we all lived a little closer than we do now.

Sunday, we all headed back to my In-laws where we hung around the pool. Papa Ronnie made his fabulous home made ice cream while we drank our Smirnoff Watermelon drinks. They were delicious. It was a great way to spend America's birthday!

I ended up feeling quite drained from being in the pool for 7+ hours, so I took about a 2 hour nap while I was there. I was so worn out. The sun can just zap you for all you're worth.

We came home with this little guy last night. His name is Cameron and he is all boy!!

We watched Spider Man and he finally dozed off to dreamland to come and wake us up this morning. He was a little snuggle bug though.

Today is gonna be filled once more with another cookout with family. We are heading to Christy and Tina's around noon for some more fun!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remembering Cohen

For more information on celebrating the life of this precious baby boy, click here

I Won't Lie

....but Bella and Edward have totally gotten me hooked again.

I honestly went through a time period where anything Vampire bored me...even with the whole Twilight series.

Truth be told, I haven't even finished reading the series.

The hubs and I went out to dinner last night with friends, and then afterwards the two of us headed to a local theater to see what the hype was all about.

For a minute there, I thought he was more excited than me!

Eclipse no doubt is the best one yet in my opinion, and I will definitely be seeing it again.