Saturday, June 5, 2010

Next Time I'll Just Stick to the Cleaning

I have been on one of those streaks lately...a stupidity streak as I will call it.

First it was the phone in the pool which has resulted in a very frustrating time of being without my Blackberry, and what could have been a very expensive loss had we not had insurance.

Then today, I got antsy and decided to get productive after lounging around the house. The hubs didn't want to get out on the town, so I resorted to doing some yard work in the flowerbeds before he started with the mowing.

We have this huge plant (and when I say huge, that is an understatement) that sits right on the corner of our front porch steps. I despise this plant so much that every time I walk by it, I imagine how much I want it gone.

It's known as a Hosta and that is how big it gets.

I decide to take on the project of trying to get rid of the darn thing...which should have been the end of it.

Instead I keep going, and take out the whole entire bush that is on the other side of the Hosta, and on the side of the left hand railing.

It looks so horrible, I actually starting crying a little. The hubby wasn't too happy with my sudden whacking of our shrub.

As of right now, I moved the flower pots of my Marigolds to try and take up some space, but that just draws even more attention to empty space. I'm thinking we may run and get a small tree or a shrub to replace it once we get the stub out.

Lesson learned...the hubs will continue with the yard, and I'll just stick to the cleaning.

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