Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 100th and Hair Problems.

Summer time bliss in my opinion is being outside in the nice, warm blazing hot sun with the people you love....

....and in my case....a little too much. Because when this girl is outside, it's usually in the pool relaxing holding on to dear life to a float so she's not getting dunked.

With that being said, the chlorine has caused some of my blond ends to turn a shade of green!!!!!!!! Yes, I said!!

I have always been aware of this, that Blonds (whether natural or not) have to be careful when being in water with chlorine, because it will turn the chemicals in your hair this awful color. I thought I was being extra careful when rushing to the shower to wash my hair after taking a dip in the pool. Apparently not.

This evening, after surviving Jillian I might of my besties and I decided to take a walk in the hood with Kaci. While chatting up a storm, she says, "Liz...I hope you don't get mad, but your hair is a shade of green!"

Lo and's a shade of green! Needless to say, I'm scheduled to see my hair lady next week. Until then, I'm leaning upon the advice given of washing my hair in baking soda.

 **And no, it's not the color of Leprechauns and green's a tint of green at my ends!**

Ps. I can't believe I've posted 100 entries! Happy 100th! : )

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Heather said...

Well, for your 100th anniv. gift -
I became a follower!! Yay. And I have a hint for you about getting more followers! We were talking about that once, SO come over to my blog this Friday to find out!

Happy 100th and Don't worry it's cool to be green nowadays. :)