Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blessings and Book Club

This weekend has been a good one.

But before I get in to that, I must admit I have been in a blogging rut. I have had nothing to talk about that is half interesting to read, let alone type.

But since we have had some things going on around the Thomas household, I feel compelled to share.

For starters, I am so, so blessed....blessed in more areas than one, but this one is working with a great group of people that I do. I recently transferred branches to not only be closer to home, but to make a fresh start for myself. I mentioned this several posts back and I really haven't mentioned it since.

It feels great to be able to go in to work without feeling a huge amount of stress, and negativity on your shoulders. I can honestly say I feel as if I have known each of these people much longer than 2 weeks....

Some other exciting news that I have to share is....


 (My hubs and his dad finishing up)

We have honestly struggled with the "should we's or should we deal with later's" with this subject of getting a new unit. . We bought the house several months ago, and even then we knew the unit that had been installed in the house was already on it's last leg. Thank the Lord, my husband's father owns a Heating and Air Conditioning business, so we got a super duper deal on it. Now, I don't have to tote around a box fan like I mentioned in a previous post.

And this precious puppy not only loves that she can live in a cold house, but she loves her new pig! Now all we have been hearing today are pig noises, which I know will soon become annoying.

Friday evening we had our Book Club meeting at Rebecca's house. We discussed this months pick of The Shack (for a quick summary of it, click on the title). I must say I am so glad I started reading it, although I won't lie, I still have more chapter's to go. I may even start from Chapter 1. 

We had some very good opinions about this book which is one of my favorite things about being in a book club.

Some liked it, some didn't understand it, some even thought it was odd the way the author wrote about the the God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were described as 3 different people, and some even as female characters. Brandi, one of our members, said she was able to understand it better when thinking of herself as being 1 person, but being a wife, mother, and daughter. She's all the same person, but each of her roles is a different person.

I checked this book out of the library, but I'm thinking I may go ahead and buy it so I'm not racking up anymore of a overdue charge.

Next months pick is The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I'm looking forward to reading this not only because it's written by my favorite author, but because I have heard so much about the movie and book. I will  definitely update you in the read.

Yesterday we got in touch with a Carnival Cruise line Representative. We all planned on getting our cruise booked, but honestly, we are all still very indecisive on what rooms we want.We're gonna give it a few more days and then meet back up and give it another try. Maybe then, it will be set in stone.

Well, I must start on the laundry and get some cleaning done. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. We're heading to my In-Laws in a few hours for some steak and chicken on the mouth is watering already!

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Heather said...

I loved The Shack! I loved The Last Song and the movie!
A cruise? I'm jealous.
Do it before kids. :)