Monday, May 31, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend's Recap

This whole entire weekend...

I wasn't able to take one single picture. My phone is dead and my actual camera is no such luck in that department. Apparently, I am not the luckiest person in the technical world this month, which is very frustrating.

Saturday morning I had to work, which wasn't too bad because Saturday's always seem to fly by, and not to mention the fact that we were very busy. While I was there, the hubby was at home taking care of our jungle of a yard. I love coming home on a beautiful, sunny day with the yard looking beautiful and our flowers in bloom. I love our marigolds. A lot of people hate them, but when I originally went flower shopping, I wanted something that would stand out against our dark brick, and they do...very nicely.

Saturday night, we headed over to Lee and Bridget's house to watch the UFC 114: Rampage vs. Rashad. Apparently this was a pretty big thing in the UFC world. I ended up taking a nap considering it was at 11:00 at night. What can I say? The older I get, the more sleep I need...and I guess this is one of the traits I got from my Dad.

Sunday, the hubs and I ended up sleeping in. This is definitely something I want to change soon. It has become such a bad habit of not waking up and going to church. I want to change this especially before the babies come. I know church was a huge part of my life growing up, and no doubt, it should still continue to be with or without children. After sleeping in, the hubs and I headed over to his parents house where we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool, this time without a phone.

After swimming, the 4 of us headed over to one of our personal favorite restaurants, Koi. It's a Japanese Hibachi Grill where Papa Ronnie or Kathy had ever been to. My new favorite is the Crab meat. It was amazing and so good. The talk over dinner was our plans to take a Cruise this year! I am so excited! Of course, this isn't set in stone...everything is just in the beginning stages, but the Hubs agreed that if it was a decent price, he'd be all for it. As soon at we got home, the two of us were browsing Carnival Cruise Lines to see what was the best deal.

My whole entire weekend has been thrown off by being off today for Memorial Day. No complaints here though. I guess that is one of the many joys for working for a get plenty of Holidays off. I got a lot of stuff done though. I watched the Hubs play 2 games of softball...then came home and cleaned the whole entire house while he played the 3rd (I was getting a tad bit hot and antsy). And what better way to wrap the afternoon up than taking a dip in the pool. We didn't stay too long, although it was perfect to cool down in.

Now I'm just winding down from my Grill King of a Husband making a delicious steak on the grill with a yummy Baked Potato.

I don't think the word Food will be entering my mind for a long time!

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