Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was going to take some pictures to post within this posting, but darn it, my camera is not working! It's so mysterious because it was working fine all day Sunday, all that evening when I was uploading pictures....and now it has decided to not cooperate with it's master!

Today I am off from work, and although I could really, really pick up the house....I may not get around to it. I have several places I need to go to today, and although cleaning the house is on my list (or should be), I feel it's not the end of the world if I don't achieve it.

I am sitting here at our kitchen table with our windows open...and apparently someone has lost a dog. A car drove down our street yelling it's name. I'm assuming it's a dog....heaven forbid a child!

I woke up with a dull headache. I hate when this happens, because I can't fully enjoy my day off. It's so annoying.

I'm starting to rethink the "having the windows open", because it's starting to feel a little humid and sticky in this house.

I am planning on meeting my honey for lunch today. That's one of the many great reasons he has transferred to this branch. I can drive 10-15 minutes up the road and see him when I can.


I am back now. I took a "small break" to actually meet my husband for lunch and run a few errands. Speaking of lunch with my husband, I pondered a thought. We're sitting there at Burger King (I love their Chicken Sandwich), and wondered what is the purpose of tall tables with booth chairs? Are they just for looks or what? I know, I'm odd.

I went to Target and bought 2 pairs of shoes. One pair is a dressy black wedge sandal and the others are a pair of black flats. In the banking world, comfy shoes are ideal to wear. I also bought a pair of black Spanks (spelling) because this girl needs them, and a black wallet. I promise, I'm not in a dark era in my life, I just love black!

I love Chic-fa-let. I ate that for dinner tonight with 2 of my favorite girls in the world.

I made a 2ND trip to Target tonight before Chic-fa-let and bought a pair of black house slippers. I'm starting to find this "black thing" amusing.

Last night, the hubby and I went on a much needed killing spree....on our front porch. We have wasps nest galore along with spiders. I took charge of shooting the spiders, while the hubs sprayed the wasp nest. That in itself is funny because my husband is 200+ pounds and scared out of his mind of spiders. I am too, but where's the heroism in this situation or any other spider involved activity?

Before my small break, I mentioned that I thought my camera was messed up. Apparently it's on it's death bed. (Insert sad face here). I took it to Best Buy where my hubby bought it for me from, and they said that the repairs and service charge would cost all together 130+, and it's more reasonable to just get a new camera. New cookware or new camera? I'm still leaning towards new cookware, but a new camera would be nice too! (Maybe even make it a new black camera....okay, Liz...that's getting old! Ha!)

That's it for now. I'm going to go take a shower, put on my new black house slippers and if I'm lucky find some black pajamas and read my book.

Have a very black night!


Heather said...

So I would go with the camera. If the current cookware will work, use it a little while longer. But you can never get your memories back that you would use your camera for....just my thoughts. =)

Heather said...

LOL that was funny.
I love black too. But I reeeally love me some spanks**! Everybody (mostly) needs spanx. really. jiggly. yea. not good.