Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Lazy Sunday Randoms

Since we don't have any babies just yet, I can only spoil our four legged friend like our baby. She fell asleep in my arms, and it just so happened I had my phone in my hand. That's why the quality of the picture is a little choppy.

This afternoon, the hubs and I headed to his parent's house up the road to take a dip in their pool. The water was perfect 82 degrees, which felt amazing in 90 degree weather. The only picture I got was this one of the man I's one of my new favorites!

Speaking of favorites...I have been hooked on a new favorite snack! It's anything granola pretty much, and the brand is Bear Naked. Right now I have the all natural kind that I have been pairing with peanut butter and banana's, and then the Heavenly Chocolate for when I have a sweet tooth.

This past Friday at work I posted for a position at the Gallatin branch...I am praying I get the position. It would be about 20 minutes closer to home. My managers are behind me 100% which is we will see.

I am still in search of some cheap flights for the hubby and I to take out to California to see my brother and his sweet wife. What I find cheap, the smart and logical hubby of mine sees how that could be a house payment in the future. Thank goodness my husband is that way. As much as it frustrates me in times of when I really want something, I thank God everyday that is a "saver" in our marriage.

I am still waiting for one of my friends that is a part of our Book Club to post pictures on her Face book so I can steal them. I want the pictures to go along with my post about our Book Review. I can't wait to share it.

Well, I am thinking that I may call it a night. Hope everyone has a wonderful night's sleep....and I am sure you will reading about something I've posted on here this week!

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