Friday, May 7, 2010

In the Process....

Well, here we go!

My kitchen is taped up and ready to go.

I spent last night priming up all the little holes that I had put my walls through.

I can not wait to get rid of this yellow. I loved it when we first moved it, but found myself very limited to decorating it.

The green I picked out at Lowes last night is GORGEOUS!! I was sifting through my scrapbook paper and came across a piece that had the green I had been looking for all my "redoing the kitchen" days.

So, I took it to Lowes, they stuck it in the scanner and matched it to the T!!

I'm praying it looks that good on the walls as it does in my head!

And these lovely things are just half of what I found at yesterday's Goodwill. I swear I can not get enough of that place.

The green apples I got in Georgia during one of our Garage Sales...I thought they looked perfect in that pedestal dish.

And the hooks to the left...I'm planning on hanging that somewhere in my kitchen for my aprons and such.

I will definitely be posting the outcome!

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