Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Wouldn't Say It Was a Full Blown Ouchie...

.....just a little tender and sore. (Which aren't those the same thing??)

For those who have just started reading my blog in secret, this morning at 8am, the hubby drove me to Dr. Kirk's office to have 3 of my wisdom teeth surgically removed.

You ask why only 3??

Apparently, my 4Th one never shot through. No sign of it what so ever. Which hey, I can't argue with that.

As of right now, I feel good. My top 2 that they pulled, I feel nothing what so ever from the surgery...however, my bottom right one, I can't quite distinguish my jaw area hurting or my throat. My throat feels like a typical sore throat. Strange, I know.

Other than that...my "hot doctor of a husband" has been doing a wonderful job making sure I have what I need and want, along with taking my medicines on time and cleaning my wounds. (I sound so dramatic).

I have however already requested some Mexican this weekend...that is if I'm feeling up to par.

I have been CRAVING a Chicken Chimichanga from I don't know since when. The hubby may have to just deal with the consequences of eating it, because I nnnnnnn....eee...ddd it with all I have. (That does sound rude about him just dealing with the consequences. I really wouldn't make him endure that, I promise).

I do, however, want to throw out a big, huge

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

to everyone who called, left messages on voice mails or on Face book or through texts. That meant so much to me.

I am sure after my second dose of Hydro-however you say it and spell it, sets in, I will be out to the world.

We hope.....

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