Friday, May 28, 2010

I Must Say...I Learned my Lesson

In my last post I failed to mention what an idiot I was.

You know the post where I was talking about how yesterday was such a glorious day, and how it was all because my bestie and I spent the day at the pool?

Well, if you noticed in the picture...I was floating in the pool, laying on a float...with my beloved Blackberry.

Just picture this in your mind....

I'm relaxing in the pool laying on my float reminiscing over past times with my bestie, when a gigantic bumblebee comes buzzing my way. Trying to focus on not falling off my float while holding my phone in my right hand....fighting with the bumblebee...

WHAM! Right hand with the phone hits the water for about 2.5 seconds.

My hubster's not too happy with me and my "not so common sense moment" of having my phone in the pool. 
So I am still waiting to file a claim. I think my hubster's wanting to give me time to think about my mistake, which makes it even worse. 

Give it a couple more days, and I will have my beloved Blackberry back.

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