Monday, May 24, 2010

I Know a Little White Dog That is Going to Get Beat...

Last Friday after work, I scurried home after picking up the pizza for our Book Club meet.

My plans were to do a quick sweeping of the floor, and finish the last few pages of my book.

To my surprise, I walked in to white stuffing all over the floor in front of the couch.

I honestly could have cared less if it was the decorative pillows Kaci had gotten a hold of. I have been on a mission finding the perfect pillows for our 2 over sized couches, but have had no such luck yet.

Instead...Kaci got a hold of our couch. Yes, our actual couch.

Apparently, it was too good to be true when we said she was not a chewer of our furniture.

After shedding tears, and beating her...I think she got my point. She made up for it for hacking the rest of the night.

Our Conversation

ME:      "we HAVE to figure out something to do, because I guarantee she's gonna do it again." 
HUBS: " c'mon babe...have a little faith in her...she learned her lesson"
ME:      "alright, but we'll see come the next time we leave her by herself..."

Oh she was fine the rest of the weekend till the hubs got home this afternoon. It wasn't the couch she hit up was the other one.

This is all I can picture...


Heather said...

oh my gosh!!! I can't believe this!!

Kim said...

That's why we lock ours in our (very large and tiled) coset. I hate keeping shoes on the floor anways, so I put their beds in their, a fan, and keep a radio on for them. no complaints ever!

Amber said...

That is why ours are outdoor dogs now. They keep tearing up stuff in the house. We talked to a dog trainer and they told us the only thing we could do was crate them, if not, they will continue on if no one is there. Since we're cheap and a crate for buddy would have been $200, they stay outside (or in the garage if it's raining). It was the only option we had.

Texas The Doxie said...

Sounds like she's bored! Bored dogs are most defiantly destructive dogs!!

I'd invest in a crate, KONG, or other interactive food toys, also a good walk before you leave in the morning will help her sleep!!

As a trainer I find most "bad" dog behavior comes from a lack of exercise!!

If I leave my dogs loose in the house, its defiantly only after I know they have throughly exercised, or have something constructive to do!!! :))

Believe me beating won't knock out the boredom. Only you can! :))

Erin & Co.
Bubbles, Texas & Pompei

Texas The Doxie said...

Oh or a dog proofed room works just as well as a previous commenter mentioned! I have to admit my dogs have their own room in which they reside in while i'm gone.
Yesss they are spoiled. :)) But my house stays intact!:D