Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Pills

Not long ago, a conversation came up between myself and a good friend(s).

I think of this/these person(s) dearly, and what was being said within this conversation makes me think no less of this person(s). It's just been in and out of my head ever since.

For my family and close friends, each of them know that I take an anti-depressant. In actuality, several of my close, very close family members actually take the same exact medicine, same exact pill, same exact dosage.

Ever since being prescribed this medication, I have always be brought up to know that this is no different than someone on blood pressure medicine, someone who needs to take medicine to regulate their blood sugar or really someone who takes a medication everyday.

Everyone has their own opinion dealing with this matter....this topic in general. One opinion was given, "I would never go on a pill that would be of this instance. It's one I would just give to the Lord, and I would deal with it more spiritually and on a spiritual basis."

I hate when people assume that. I hate when people make assumptions. I hate when people judge and think that I am suicidal or I am struggling spiritually for example.

Obviously, there is an imbalance that controls my moods, and the way I feel....including depression, name it.

I am not struggling spiritually. Yes, I could be involved in a church...yes, I could have more quiet times, and yes, I could read my Bible more. But I would not classify myself in a category that I am full blown "struggling spiritually". There's not one Christian out there who is perfect and isn't struggling in their Christian walk.

We all have dark times that consist of being depressed or feeling down. The anti-depressant that I take helps me control mine a little better.

Thank you to all who understand that I am no different than a lot of people out there...and truth be known, there are probably many people that you may know that have these little "happy pills" in their medicine cabinet, they just don't announce it to the world.

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