Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Bunch of Randomness

I have started blogging about 3 different times, only to delete them all. I just can't seem to make my post tonight "flow"...if that makes sense.

I am currently in Georgia thinking about all of the families who are experiencing this horrible, horrible flood that has come about this weekend. It saddens me to look at all of the pictures and to only imagine what they are going through.

These pictures I snagged from a friend's page
off of Face book.

The Buffalo Wild Wings in Hermitage, which is
the next town from Lebanon

A house under water.

We are going to try our hardest to make it back home to Tennessee some time tomorrow...but with road conditions looking the way they are, we don't know if that is possible.

I cannot wait to see our lil' Kaci, and get so many licks! I know she is wondering what in the world happened to us.

I have seriously had the best time here in Georgia. So much fun, it makes me want to move closer to my sister, her family and friends.

I'm trying to not think about Tuesday and the fact that I am going under to get my wisdom teeth out. It is a bit nerve racking when you have heard nothing but stories of pain, being out of it for days, and not being able to eat anything but liquids.

I am looking forward to getting home and getting the house cleaned up to place my new found treasures everywhere.

We got our Tax Credit Friday...such a wonderful way to start a vacation off! We paid off our first big debt which was our furniture. It felt wonderful! We are on a way to being debt free...(minus the house!)

My husband is snoring really loud right now as we lay in the bed together.

I slept so much today, I can't really sleep right now. That in itself kind of sucks because I'm going to be worn out come tomorrow. Maybe not.

My running schedule starts back up when we get home. Whether it's on the tread mill or not, it's getting done.

Along with running starting back up...I have to start on my Book club pick asap. The 21st of this month will be here before we know it.

I wonder if my work officially is closed tomorrow.

I bought a brand new pair of Sun glasses at Atlantic Station's Anne Taylor...and I love them! It took me a while to get used to them, because this girl here, has apple cheeks (or more like chipmunk cheeks), and Sun glasses are some times hard to find.

This sure is a long random post, huh?

Is it bad that I some times will purposely try and wake my peacefully sleeping hubby up, only to get him to talk to me? Darn, I'm rude!

Tomorrow morning, we are going to Waffle House....just like we do every other time we are here in Georgia. We love it. But unfortunately, it won't be David's (my brother in law) Waffle House.

The guys have already planned an afternoon golfing game if we are still in town. Wonder what us girls shall get in to?? :)

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