Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book Club

Last Friday night I had our Book Club over to our house.

We had a great time not only talking about the book, but just hanging out.

This is our official Book Club pic...although we have a few that are missing. Maybe next time, we will be able to get everyone for one.

This month was my turn and the book I chose was, "The Usual Rules" by Joyce Maynard.

My main reason for picking this book was I felt I could personally relate to the main character, Wendy on a much deeper level than her being a young adult. There actually is a pretty big age difference (she is 13), and of course the youngest in our group is 26.

Some of you who read this may not know that I lost my mom to cancer when I was 15 years old.

That experience in itself is definitely what helped form and shape me in to the woman I am today. Everything I do, the way I think, all made up because of this mold I formed when growing up.

The story was about a young girl, Wendy who loses her mom in the September 11 tragedies. The whole book takes you through a trail of events that this young girl experienced after the event. There were parts where you laughed, you cried, you learned things, and you related...

While discussing we had tears, we had laughs, we had moments of silence...where everyone just sat there thinking.

I would definitely recommend this read to anyone of any age. At first I thought that a few might think it was kind of juvenile, but all in all, I think each of us got a little bit out of it.

Denise and Rebecca waiting to discuss!

Now, it's time to start on this month's pick....and I'm praying it starts to pick up!

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