Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The 3 Pictures I Did Take...

Although I didn't snap any pictures of Girls Night, or at our Garage Sale Hunt...I did manage to take a few of this sweet baby girl, Olivia Kate.

This is one I snapped before leaving
for our cookout on
Sunday night.
My honey and Olivia Kate.
This man surprised me this weekend. He was so willing
to get on the floor and play with her, so willing to hold her, and I must
admit, it melted my heart.

I hate that I couldn't fix the glares on these next two pictures.
They were too cute not to post, anyways.
She was all smiles.

The black and white made Olivia Kate a little more clearer.

This weekend was the first time I actually got to spend time with her. The first time we met her she was about a month old, at that.
I cannot wait till I can love on her again...

and see my family.

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