Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pampered Chef and Powerball

Tonight one of my best friends hosted a Pampered Chef party at her house. I had been looking forward to going to this all day today.

I was familiar already with their products since my mom is a huge fan of them. I had no clue what to start with, so clueless that I actually asked my mom what she thought I should start with buying. Once I saw the catalog tonight, I had to really watch with not going overboard while filling out my order form.

I guess my main reason I am so excited about my using my new stuff, is because I know I will actually use them. They won't sit on my shelf in the cabinet only to be pulled out ever so often.

The picture doesn't really help since it is so small on here.
I ordered the Large Micro-Cooker. I cook alot
of steamed veggies in the microwave,
so this will be perfect.
I hate cooking ground beef in the skillet, and using what I have been using.
It sucks.
This is called the Mix n' Chop.

My mom has these (I think she actually has everything I ordered), but when I
lived at home, I remember using these lil' suckers,
and they were so helpful.
$2.75 for a pack of 3...can't beat it!

And do I hate how small this picture is!
This is called the Easy Conversion Magnet...
Oh how I have needed this thing!

I have never tried Beer Bread in Pampered Chef,
but I have in other brands and LOVED IT!
I bought a box to make for the hubby and I.
Makes my mouth water just thinkin' about it!
And that was what I ordered at tonight's party! I am going to host a party in June I am thinkin' so, I'm hopin' I can get some more products at half off. That's my goal.
On another subject, last night I bought a Pick 5 Powerball ticket. This is something I NEVER do. led to the game of "What would you do if you had 270 million bucks"....which was what it was going for.
  1. Pay our house off
  2. Pay Mike's truck off.
  3. Buy myself a new car...the ol' Grand Am is gettin' old.
  4. I would buy me a new Coach purse.
  5. Give my parents and his parents a portion of this.
  6. Give a portion to a charity..
  7. Give a portion for the research to cure Melanoma and any sort of skin cancer.
  8. Get Kaci a playmate.
  9. Quit my job.
  10. Quit his job.....but we would both do this after turning in our 2 weeks notice.
  11. Set aside some in savings.
  12. Take a trip around the world..

And after just 12 things we would do with 270 million bucks...that's all we came up with. Well, mostly because I got a phone call.

I just couldn't imagine winning that much money....what would you do??

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