Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My News and a Sweet Old Lady

Hello everyone!

Before I continue with the actual purpose of this posting, I have to share my news!

My Laptop Sucks!!
Ha! Thought it was gonna be something juicy, huh? It's slower than Christmas, the space bar sticks (in better terms, it just doesn't want to work when I need a space!), and I can tell it's dying on me. So, yeah...I need a new one!
Tonight, friends and I went to a local favorite for Ray's birthday...which usually is the pick for birthdays in our group, Famous Daves. I swear, I come out of there feeling more miserable than going in. I always seem to overeat. It's so so good!
Of course, we all laughed like crazy till tears came streaming down our faces. Immaturity always plays a part in this group, but do I care?? I always, always, always have a ball with them!!
Rewind back to the work day. It was so slow, which made the time drag on and on for forever. But I did, however have a touching story. When working with the public, you see and meet all sorts. But very few (I would say just a handful) makes such an impact on my day...my week, my month...and sometimes my year!
A sweet little lady, 88 years old came slowly to my window with her yellow Dollar General plastic bag filled with rolled up coin. She thought for some reason I would be upset about her bringing this to me, when in all reality the more rolled coin the easier for us bank tellers, because we don't have to go digging through fed boxes of coins!! (Bank terminology there, folks!) She told me how she lost her husband of 70 years this past February. Now people, I'm not even to my 2 year anniversary with my husband...and I could not imagine not having him in my life just after this length of time. She said that her husband had put these rolled coins under their bed, and the thought of looking at them any longer continued to cause her so much pain she had to get rid of them. The pain and sorrow in the widow's eyes of losing her best friend, her companion, her soul mate...her husband was so sad, I myself had to hold back tears. Then she told me "that if the Lord willing let her go another year, she didn't know how she could do it without him (her husband)". Ever since she came and saw me today, I thought about what she was going through, and had to share it. I pray that she can receive some sort of comfort and peace.
Well, I think I'm gonna sign off. It took what seemed to be an hour to type that paragraph. Like I said....my laptop is dying.

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