Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Because

  • Today was a productive day. The hubby and I finally went and got our taxes filed. I would say "Procrastinators unite at the Thomas household", but in all reality, we actually had a valid reason. We had to wait to close on our house to get the form we needed for the tax credit.
  • As of right now, I am in the back office of my friend's house. Awkward and strange, you might say? Well, the guys are up front in the living room, and Briget has gone to bed with a headache, poor thing. I know what bad headaches are like, so I completely understand.
  • The hubby and I are thinking about taking our first weeks vacay the first week of May. I am praying it's kosher with my work and it's open. Fingers crossed.
  • The hubby and I have been working the idea of taking an Alaskan Cruise one day in this lifetime. I think that would be amazing. I have seen pictures of what it's like from co-workers who have gone on one, and it looks breath taking. Pictures don't do the place justice.
  • Tonight, while the guys watched the beginning of UFC, Briget and I headed to Home Depot. I got 2 huge pots, some soil and some beautiful Marigold's to put on each side of the garage. I am excited about getting them planted tomorrow. From what the weatherman says...tomorrow should be a gorgeous day.
  • Friday night is our first meeting for Book Club. I need to get my butt in gear with reading my book if I am going to have a clue as to what to talk about.
  • The hubby and I almost died on the way over here tonight. I honestly think that there should be a mandatory driver's test that must be taken once you hit the age of 60. And people think young people can't drive?? Rethink that one.
  • I am so tired.
  • Today, the sundress (I live in those during this time of year) I wore to H&R Block...which was really cute (I have gotten so many compliments on it), matched the colors in the carpet. Sounds adorable after I told ya that, huh??
  • Have I mentioned I'm sleepy??
  • Oh, I hear talking...the fight must be over.

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