Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Time Book Club Meeting!

Last night was our very first Book Club meeting. I was so excited about it all day Friday about 6:00 rollin' around so I could head to Denise's house.

I think our first meet went pretty well. Denise provided Taco's with all of the fixin's and such! It was so yummy.

The way we have organized our group is probably not too different than other Book Clubs I have heard about. The month's are designated to a particular person (well, I should say a month's worth of time is designated to a particular person) that not only picks the book of their choice, but provides dinner and usually will be held at their home. Oddly enough, each month has a birthday of some one in our along with everything else, the person with that month provides a gift of a $12 limit to present to the birthday girl (we each pitch it 2 bucks each).

The book we read was called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. At first, when Denise told me about what book, I don't say I was disappointed in the pick, but I was kind of blah about it being somewhat of a "Bible Study" book.

Captivating was geared towards the life and heart of a woman. I did have a hard time staying on track because the book definitely was drawn out in a lot of ways. It was like it could have been condensed down in to much less chapters.

I enjoyed hearing such diverse opinions given on the topics that were discussed. One person mentioned that it was definitely hard to put herself "in a category and to be told I should act like this, but feel like this." Another person questioned how it "was possible to know the different kinds of women and to be so sure of it".

I wish I had my book right in front of me (it's in my car), so I could share my high lights from the book, but I can't. I would recommend this book if you were in a Bible Study group that could discuss the chapters right after being read. I think it would have made it much more interesting.

Along with discussing this month's book, and eating Taco's....we celebrated Heather's birthday! (I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but I totally forgot I had my camera until half way through the evening).

Happy Birthday, Heather!!

Here are sisters, Rachel and Denise! I kind of surprised them with the camera and got a some what candid shot!

Sweet Rebecca, and her 4 mth old Madeline Grace.
She's precious!

I cannot wait to share my choice of book. The first evening I actually sat down and started reading it, I had to make myself put it down and go to bed. I hope my friends enjoy it as much as I do so far!

As of the remainder of the weekend so far, we have had a pretty great Saturday. I woke up and went shopping at the local Goodwill. I promise you, I can never get enough of that place! My husband says I am banned from it, but it never fails him lovin' what I bring home. I got the prettiest Spring wreath for our front door for 5 bucks, and a brown shag rug for our foyer. Perfect condition! Only thing is, is we have to put it up when we leave or Kaci will destroy it. She's never been a chewer for wood or other various objects around the house, but she loves her some rugs!
Well, I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. I think I am going to go read my book!

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