Saturday, April 17, 2010

All I Could Do Was Gasp

Tonight the hubby and I went out with one of our favorite couples, Lee and Briget.

We ate dinner at Long Horns and then went to a movie and saw "The Bounty Hunter". I thought the movie was so, so cute! I thought Jennifer Aniston was absolutely stunning in it, and Gerard Butler...well, he was quite a hottie himself! Overall, I think I would buy it on DVD/Blue Ray for the house (which that says something for a movie!).

During dinner, conversation turned to last night's events for Lee and the hubby. On Friday nights, sometimes the two of them (and sometimes us wives) and some of their guy friends head to Stadium Inn down town Nashville for some redneck wrestling. In my opinion, its RED NECK. Stadium Inn in itself is one of a kind. A place where I recommend not wearing flip flops, not leaving your seat for restroom breaks without the husband, and definitely not eating or drinking anything from the snack or drink machines. Yes, it's that bad.

Last night, Lee and Mike decided to meet in Donelson and ride together to wrestling. Lee tells us that while waiting for Mike in the K-Mart parking lot he could tell that was where all the divorced parents picked up and dropped off their kids for the weekend. Then he noticed a man walking from vehicle to vehicle carrying a bright red gasoline canister apparently asking for money. Sometimes the man would get lucky and obviously get a dollar or whatnot out of drivers. Lucky enough, at some point a woman took the canister and filled it up...the whole thing. From what Lee could tell from his prospective, some thankyou's and your welcomes were exchanged and the kind lady left. The next thing he sees, is the guy with the canister goes around back of the gas station, pours out the canister and goes on from vehicle to vehicle.

Seriously, when he told the story...all I could do was gasp. I was shocked. But in reality, why?? This world is full of crazy, greedy people that don't have an ounce of a conscience in them. I just had to share this story. I still am shocked about shocked, I don't even know how to end this post.

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