Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to Good.

It's so funny how when you blog everyday, sometimes more than once a day, missing a few days can seem like weeks!

But I am back, and in full blogging mode.

As in previous posts, I complained about how my laptop seemed so slow and so sluggish. Well, the hubby saved the day...or the past few days (and that's why I have been MIA)! He basically wiped my computer clean and started from square one. Yes, I spent all day Sunday saving pictures to discs...and making notes of my favorite websites, but it was well worth it. It's running like new!

Yesterday was a good day. I had my consultation at with my Oral Surgeon for my wisdom teeth to come out.

This is a big deal to me. Way back in the day, I dislocated my knee. It was seriously the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I got rushed to the hospital, and what should have taken an hour tops to relocate, ended up taking hours because I would not take the medicine to go to sleep. My dear parents ended up having to pay what might as well have been a surgery bill for a dislocated knee.

You can only imagine what thoughts I have when they say I will be under in a matter of 2 seconds. Seriously??? We'll see how that goes 8 am next Tuesday.

Speaking of next week, the hubby and I are on vacation! Besides the whole wisdom teeth ordeal, I am so excited. Friday night we head to Georgia to stay with my sister and her sweet family. I'm gonna be loadin' up on the lovin' with lil' Miss Olivia Kate! We have the whole weekend planned out, and I can't wait to hang out with her girlfriends!

The hubby and the guys however have their own thing goin'. I know he's lookin' forward to the guy time.

Be lookin' for some pictures....I'm sure I'll be bloggin' away!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting to Know you

I totally stole this from my sis, Amber's blog and thought it was a fun thing to post on Sundays!

Here are today's questions:
1. If you could star in any movie genre...what would it be...romance..horror..comedy..suspense..or action?
I would have to say romance, because I am a total mush
for lovey dovey stuff.
2. Do you recycle?
No. I am so bad about that. I wish we had the mindset to
make sure we separated our cans, plastic, etc...but we don't.
3. Have you ever been to a strip club?
Never, and no way would I ever desire to.
4. Do you have a nickname?
Liz, Lizzy, Lou, and Babe
5. What's a name you can't stand to be called?
I really don't have one. I don't have kids so Mama
would never be an option, but if we did, that would be where
the line would be drawn.
6. What are your Summer staples?
Flip Flops and Sun dresses. I have so many pairs of flip flops
and truth be known I only wear 2 pairs of them.
7. What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
Last night, I attended a Premier Jewelry party and bought
2 pairs of earrings and 2 bracelets, only with going with the mindset
I wanted to get a watch! Ha!
8. Are you happy with your boob size?
No, and I honestly probably never will be. I have been "blessed"
in that area, and I honestly despise them...BUT I have been more aware
of trying not to complain about them. So many women in my life have gone through
having Breast cancer in their life, so I try to keep a chin up that, Praise the Lord, mine have been
How fun was that!? Hope everyone has a wonderful remainder of their Sunday!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Don't Have a Title is My Title...

So, I really have nothing too exciting and interesting to blog about tonight. With that being said (typed), I'm just gonna type what comes to mind.

This morning, I woke up in a panic thinkin' I had overslept when in reality I still had 20 mins before my alarm went off. I had the blessing of being able to work on a Saturday. Once I got there, the storms in Middle Tennessee started and work got really, really slow. It was like a monsoon outside.

However, once I got safely home, 2 of my favorite people came over...Christie and Tina. It was nice being able to catch up with them. The sweet part about it was finding out they wanted to give us a house warming gift. Their original plan was to get us a shrub, or tree to plant in our yard, which I was all for. But once walking around our yard trying to decide where we would put it, they decided they wanted to do some landscaping. I am so excited about this. Tina has a green thumb and from looking at what was actually planted from the previous owners, they were pretty pricey plants....they just didn't have a plan to what they were planting. (Wow, what a run on sentence I have there!)

This evening, Denise and I headed to a Premier Jewelry Party where I spent too much money. Nah, not really. I needed some new jewelry because I am always, always, always wearing the same earrings which are usually my plain, basic silver hoops. So, I ordered 2 bracelets and 2 pairs of earrings.

One week till the our 1 weeks vacation! I cannot wait. Several things on my list to get accomplished:
  1. Paint our kitchen
  2. Relax
  3. Finish reading my Book Club pick
  4. Clean my house
  5. Clean my car
  6. Enjoy my vacation

And the count down begins....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pampered Chef and Powerball

Tonight one of my best friends hosted a Pampered Chef party at her house. I had been looking forward to going to this all day today.

I was familiar already with their products since my mom is a huge fan of them. I had no clue what to start with, so clueless that I actually asked my mom what she thought I should start with buying. Once I saw the catalog tonight, I had to really watch with not going overboard while filling out my order form.

I guess my main reason I am so excited about my using my new stuff, is because I know I will actually use them. They won't sit on my shelf in the cabinet only to be pulled out ever so often.

The picture doesn't really help since it is so small on here.
I ordered the Large Micro-Cooker. I cook alot
of steamed veggies in the microwave,
so this will be perfect.
I hate cooking ground beef in the skillet, and using what I have been using.
It sucks.
This is called the Mix n' Chop.

My mom has these (I think she actually has everything I ordered), but when I
lived at home, I remember using these lil' suckers,
and they were so helpful.
$2.75 for a pack of 3...can't beat it!

And do I hate how small this picture is!
This is called the Easy Conversion Magnet...
Oh how I have needed this thing!

I have never tried Beer Bread in Pampered Chef,
but I have in other brands and LOVED IT!
I bought a box to make for the hubby and I.
Makes my mouth water just thinkin' about it!
And that was what I ordered at tonight's party! I am going to host a party in June I am thinkin' so, I'm hopin' I can get some more products at half off. That's my goal.
On another subject, last night I bought a Pick 5 Powerball ticket. This is something I NEVER do.
So...it led to the game of "What would you do if you had 270 million bucks"....which was what it was going for.
  1. Pay our house off
  2. Pay Mike's truck off.
  3. Buy myself a new car...the ol' Grand Am is gettin' old.
  4. I would buy me a new Coach purse.
  5. Give my parents and his parents a portion of this.
  6. Give a portion to a charity..
  7. Give a portion for the research to cure Melanoma and any sort of skin cancer.
  8. Get Kaci a playmate.
  9. Quit my job.
  10. Quit his job.....but we would both do this after turning in our 2 weeks notice.
  11. Set aside some in savings.
  12. Take a trip around the world..

And after just 12 things we would do with 270 million bucks...that's all we came up with. Well, mostly because I got a phone call.

I just couldn't imagine winning that much money....what would you do??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Can't It Be Guilt Free?

This should be a sin.

As I sat here eating my cookies dunked in milk, I knew this yummy goodness could not last for long.

I would ponder the thought of why my diet isn't showing any results....or why I haven't seen a difference on the scale.

I now know that even though the package says Reduced Fat....that when you eat 4, well...it kind defeats the purpose.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon

This whole weekend has been absolutely beautiful. Clear blue skies with the puffiest, white clouds up against it....touched with a refreshing breeze. Perfect in my eyes.

While the hubby went golfing today with his guy friends, I decided to take Kaci and head to Mt. Juliet's very own dog park. Luckily, this weekend one of my besties, Denise was dog sitting an adorable Long Haired Dauschund named Precious...and believe me she is, so they came too!

When we got there we reviewed the rules posted. I thought it was a bit humorous that the #1 rule was that any Pit Bull breed or any dog mixed with the Pit Bull breed was not allowed. I wasn't surprised by it, but I was when when we walked up to the fence and there was not 1, but 2 very obvious Pit Bulls with their owners. What the hec? Do people not read?? Needless to say, they gathered the leashes and left.

Once we got in there, Kaci and Precious ran around full force. They loved it! It made me even more excited about getting our fence built in a few months.

While Kaci and Precious ran around chasing tails and so on, a couple decided to bring their mixed Blood Hound, Hurley. We were kind of wondering how he would do with 2 smaller dogs...but he did wonderful. They all got along well.

Not to mention, I got peed on while sitting there chatting with Denise. Yes, peed on by Hurley. Apparently, he liked me or thought I was a tree. Who knows.

Hurley....the infamous pee'er.
Kaci and Hurley

Teeny Tiny, Precious...relaxing after a hard day of
run arounds.

And the whole bunch.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Time Book Club Meeting!

Last night was our very first Book Club meeting. I was so excited about it all day Friday about 6:00 rollin' around so I could head to Denise's house.

I think our first meet went pretty well. Denise provided Taco's with all of the fixin's and such! It was so yummy.

The way we have organized our group is probably not too different than other Book Clubs I have heard about. The month's are designated to a particular person (well, I should say a month's worth of time is designated to a particular person) that not only picks the book of their choice, but provides dinner and usually will be held at their home. Oddly enough, each month has a birthday of some one in our group...so along with everything else, the person with that month provides a gift of a $12 limit to present to the birthday girl (we each pitch it 2 bucks each).

The book we read was called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. At first, when Denise told me about what book, I don't say I was disappointed in the pick, but I was kind of blah about it being somewhat of a "Bible Study" book.

Captivating was geared towards the life and heart of a woman. I did have a hard time staying on track because the book definitely was drawn out in a lot of ways. It was like it could have been condensed down in to much less chapters.

I enjoyed hearing such diverse opinions given on the topics that were discussed. One person mentioned that it was definitely hard to put herself "in a category and to be told I should act like this, but feel like this." Another person questioned how it "was possible to know the different kinds of women and to be so sure of it".

I wish I had my book right in front of me (it's in my car), so I could share my high lights from the book, but I can't. I would recommend this book if you were in a Bible Study group that could discuss the chapters right after being read. I think it would have made it much more interesting.

Along with discussing this month's book, and eating Taco's....we celebrated Heather's birthday! (I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but I totally forgot I had my camera until half way through the evening).

Happy Birthday, Heather!!

Here are sisters, Rachel and Denise! I kind of surprised them with the camera and got a some what candid shot!

Sweet Rebecca, and her 4 mth old Madeline Grace.
She's precious!

I cannot wait to share my choice of book. The first evening I actually sat down and started reading it, I had to make myself put it down and go to bed. I hope my friends enjoy it as much as I do so far!

As of the remainder of the weekend so far, we have had a pretty great Saturday. I woke up and went shopping at the local Goodwill. I promise you, I can never get enough of that place! My husband says I am banned from it, but it never fails him lovin' what I bring home. I got the prettiest Spring wreath for our front door for 5 bucks, and a brown shag rug for our foyer. Perfect condition! Only thing is, is we have to put it up when we leave or Kaci will destroy it. She's never been a chewer for wood or other various objects around the house, but she loves her some rugs!
Well, I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. I think I am going to go read my book!

All I Could Do Was Gasp

Tonight the hubby and I went out with one of our favorite couples, Lee and Briget.

We ate dinner at Long Horns and then went to a movie and saw "The Bounty Hunter". I thought the movie was so, so cute! I thought Jennifer Aniston was absolutely stunning in it, and Gerard Butler...well, he was quite a hottie himself! Overall, I think I would buy it on DVD/Blue Ray for the house (which that says something for a movie!).

During dinner, conversation turned to last night's events for Lee and the hubby. On Friday nights, sometimes the two of them (and sometimes us wives) and some of their guy friends head to Stadium Inn down town Nashville for some redneck wrestling. In my opinion, its RED NECK. Stadium Inn in itself is one of a kind. A place where I recommend not wearing flip flops, not leaving your seat for restroom breaks without the husband, and definitely not eating or drinking anything from the snack or drink machines. Yes, it's that bad.

Last night, Lee and Mike decided to meet in Donelson and ride together to wrestling. Lee tells us that while waiting for Mike in the K-Mart parking lot he could tell that was where all the divorced parents picked up and dropped off their kids for the weekend. Then he noticed a man walking from vehicle to vehicle carrying a bright red gasoline canister apparently asking for money. Sometimes the man would get lucky and obviously get a dollar or whatnot out of drivers. Lucky enough, at some point a woman took the canister and filled it up...the whole thing. From what Lee could tell from his prospective, some thankyou's and your welcomes were exchanged and the kind lady left. The next thing he sees, is the guy with the canister goes around back of the gas station, pours out the canister and goes on from vehicle to vehicle.

Seriously, when he told the story...all I could do was gasp. I was shocked. But in reality, why?? This world is full of crazy, greedy people that don't have an ounce of a conscience in them. I just had to share this story. I still am shocked about this....so shocked, I don't even know how to end this post.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday's List

  1. I met one of my besties at Charlie Daniels Park and walked 2 laps. It felt so good to being doing some sort of exercise. Although, it wasn't too strenuous, it was something better than sitting at home doing nothing.
  2. I bought some new shampoo and conditioner and I love it! It's John Frieda's line of Root Awakening. With continuous straightening it everyday, I have definitely started to see some wear and tear on my ends. I always hate buying this stuff because I have bought some that make my hair greasy. But this stuff I love!
  3. I finally found the book I am going to share with Book Club tomorrow evening! I hope everyone enjoys the read! We'll see! I'll share my thoughts when I am done reading it!
  4. Tonight is the first night the hubby and I are going to start exercising together. It's strange that we have never really done this before. We have a treadmill and a full weight "center" that is sitting in our garage not being used. Starting tonight, we are going to change that.
  5. This is what I see every time I step outside on my front porch and on my driveway. I love this time of the year! Aren't they beautiful? The Marigold's I think I might add to just to add some color to them. It makes me think I have potted a bunch of Dandelions.

  6. Ahhh, and this is what is causing this amazing aroma in my house right now. I put in in the crock pot about 11:00 this morning, and ever since it has been slowly cooking on low. This is the first time I have tried this Tyson Slow Cooker Creations. I got it at Walmart so we'll see how it turns out.
  7. I am so sleepy for some reason, and I don't know why. I got plenty of rest last night. I'm wondering if it was walking in the heat for so long. I think that might have played a part.
  8. Right now, I'm watching Judge Judy. Do people seriously bring some of their drama on TV?? It's killin' me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Night

Wow. This is the first time in a long while that it is actually pushing midnight, and it's a week night. But with that being said, I am off tomorrow...which makes me happy.

Before I start rambling, I am curious as to my last post, why it did not work in paragraph form? That really drives me crazy. Hmph.

Anyways. Today I spent my entire lunch hour at a local used book store trying to find my book pick to share with our group Friday evening, but I couldn't find one I especially liked. I am a member of a website called Book Movement, and I love it! It's really helped me get ideas on what I might like to read even outside of the Book Club. I'm excited about being part of one. I like to read, but my problem is getting bored with a book and never finishing it. Maybe tomorrow I might venture out and find something.

Yesterday, I finally put down my first week's vacation on the calendar! And luckily it's not too far away! The first week of May, the hubby and I will be off together. Our thoughts are to head down to Atlanta to see my sister, Amber and her lil' family...and then the remainder of the week, just relax and hang around the house. (Which is always nice!)

Does any of you have big plans for the Summer??

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My News and a Sweet Old Lady

Hello everyone!

Before I continue with the actual purpose of this posting, I have to share my news!

My Laptop Sucks!!
Ha! Thought it was gonna be something juicy, huh? It's slower than Christmas, the space bar sticks (in better terms, it just doesn't want to work when I need a space!), and I can tell it's dying on me. So, yeah...I need a new one!
Tonight, friends and I went to a local favorite for Ray's birthday...which usually is the pick for birthdays in our group, Famous Daves. I swear, I come out of there feeling more miserable than going in. I always seem to overeat. It's so so good!
Of course, we all laughed like crazy till tears came streaming down our faces. Immaturity always plays a part in this group, but do I care?? I always, always, always have a ball with them!!
Rewind back to the work day. It was so slow, which made the time drag on and on for forever. But I did, however have a touching story. When working with the public, you see and meet all sorts. But very few (I would say just a handful) makes such an impact on my day...my week, my month...and sometimes my year!
A sweet little lady, 88 years old came slowly to my window with her yellow Dollar General plastic bag filled with rolled up coin. She thought for some reason I would be upset about her bringing this to me, when in all reality the more rolled coin the easier for us bank tellers, because we don't have to go digging through fed boxes of coins!! (Bank terminology there, folks!) She told me how she lost her husband of 70 years this past February. Now people, I'm not even to my 2 year anniversary with my husband...and I could not imagine not having him in my life just after this length of time. She said that her husband had put these rolled coins under their bed, and the thought of looking at them any longer continued to cause her so much pain she had to get rid of them. The pain and sorrow in the widow's eyes of losing her best friend, her companion, her soul mate...her husband was so sad, I myself had to hold back tears. Then she told me "that if the Lord willing let her go another year, she didn't know how she could do it without him (her husband)". Ever since she came and saw me today, I thought about what she was going through, and had to share it. I pray that she can receive some sort of comfort and peace.
Well, I think I'm gonna sign off. It took what seemed to be an hour to type that paragraph. Like I said....my laptop is dying.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Because

  • Today was a productive day. The hubby and I finally went and got our taxes filed. I would say "Procrastinators unite at the Thomas household", but in all reality, we actually had a valid reason. We had to wait to close on our house to get the form we needed for the tax credit.
  • As of right now, I am in the back office of my friend's house. Awkward and strange, you might say? Well, the guys are up front in the living room, and Briget has gone to bed with a headache, poor thing. I know what bad headaches are like, so I completely understand.
  • The hubby and I are thinking about taking our first weeks vacay the first week of May. I am praying it's kosher with my work and it's open. Fingers crossed.
  • The hubby and I have been working the idea of taking an Alaskan Cruise one day in this lifetime. I think that would be amazing. I have seen pictures of what it's like from co-workers who have gone on one, and it looks breath taking. Pictures don't do the place justice.
  • Tonight, while the guys watched the beginning of UFC, Briget and I headed to Home Depot. I got 2 huge pots, some soil and some beautiful Marigold's to put on each side of the garage. I am excited about getting them planted tomorrow. From what the weatherman says...tomorrow should be a gorgeous day.
  • Friday night is our first meeting for Book Club. I need to get my butt in gear with reading my book if I am going to have a clue as to what to talk about.
  • The hubby and I almost died on the way over here tonight. I honestly think that there should be a mandatory driver's test that must be taken once you hit the age of 60. And people think young people can't drive?? Rethink that one.
  • I am so tired.
  • Today, the sundress (I live in those during this time of year) I wore to H&R Block...which was really cute (I have gotten so many compliments on it), matched the colors in the carpet. Sounds adorable after I told ya that, huh??
  • Have I mentioned I'm sleepy??
  • Oh, I hear talking...the fight must be over.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dinner with Friends

Last month, we found out some pretty exciting news that our good friends, Jimmy and Michelle would be moving to our neck of the woods. They were packing up their apartment and moving to a adorable, little house in Lebanon....right up the road from us.

This past week on Wednesday night we headed over to their house and had a scrumptious dinner right of the grill. Grilled Chicken, roasted vegetables and potato salad was on the menu, and the hubs and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of course I had to bring the camera out.

The home of the Delacey's. Isn't it precious?

Their plans is to build a huge garage sitting where the area of a garden
used to be. They only have a little over 3 ACRES to play with!

And the other side...

(Oh, and in case you are wondering...those aren't colored orbs
you're seeing...they're kick balls.)

Sweet baby girl, Kylie and my hubby

Proud new home owners!
We are so thankful to have such a sweet couple as friends! Can't wait for many more dinners together!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Should be Sleeping...

....but instead I'm doing my usual of reading blog after blog, and finally posting one for myself. My google reader is up to 64 which isn't too bad considering it has been higher.

I'm feeling kind of random, so this post may be a little scattery considering my brain has been frazzled for the majority of the day. I love my job, I love my line of work, the people I work for and with, but today was a day of hell. Period.

I have decided to do my Spring cleaning this weekend. Base boards, wiping down walls...you name it. It's getting done. My hubby is going to be mowing the yard and getting it back to looking like a yard rather than a jungle.

Speaking of this weekend...we have to get our taxes done. We had to wait till we closed on our house to get a particular form to take, so now that we are officially home owners, we can continue to get things done...since we do have a deadline to meet.

I have a really bad habit that I need to break because it really is driving me crazy. You see, I can wash clothes all day long if I have to, but it's the step after the drying that I hate and despise. The folding. My laundry room looks horrible. I have laundry baskets with clean clothes waiting to be folded.

Tonight, we went to our friend's house for dinner. We had so much fun just sitting around talking. I have a feeling there will be many more nights like tonight in our future. What would we do without friends??

My eyelids are finally getting a bit heavy. I hope everyone has a wonderful remainder of the week! Thank goodness Friday is almost here!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Blessings

Today was an awesome day. It really made me see just how blessed the hubby and I are, and just how thankful we should be.

We woke up this morning and actually went to church! That in itself is something because we really haven't been in a very long time. We tried a church called Crossroads Community Church located right in Lebanon. The congregation was filled with old and young people and was very casual. The message was a typical Easter Sunday sermon, in which I really enjoyed and I think the hubster did too! I think we will definitely try and go back again.

Afterwards, we went home and I finished making a scrumptious dessert before we headed over to my parents house. I tried a Chocolate Brownie Trifle with pudding layered with Kool Whip topped with heath bar crumbs and nuts. I thought it was very good, and not just that, but easy peasy!

Lunch was delicious as always! Mom made potato salad, baked beans, devilled eggs, rolls, green bean casserole, a marsh mellow jello dish (I don't know the name of it!), and a ham! I couldn't get enough of the green bean casserole!

It was my younger brother, Josh's 21st Birthday so we celebrated his life with a cookie cake!

After eating, we played with Kaci and Tobi in the back yard. The pictures prove that I got alittle yucky considering my hair looks like a hot mess! Ack!

With Mom and Dad

With my mom

Happy Birthday, Josh!

With my dad

We had such a great afternoon ending with the movie, "The Blind Side". We loved it! I'm hoping we get that soon on Blue Ray! I wouldn't mind watching it again actually!
Now, we're back home relaxing with on the couch trying to gather our thoughts before Monday gets here. We close on our house tomorrow, so please pray my hand doesn't fall off writing my name so much!

OH! And my hubby was there today, but hates getting his picture taken! He was behind the scenes!