Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday What Abouts...

  • I got my feelings hurt today. That's never fun, but as always, I try to take it as a grain of salt.
  • We are so close to finishing up the home buying process. We are very grateful for the loan we were able to get. No down payment required, and no mortgage insurance required as well. Basically, where we live it is considered in a rural area. The loan is called a USDA loan. The only part that is no fun is the class that is required for us to take.
  • The baby fever still has not let up. I would have thought it would have by now, but it hasn't. I'm keeping it to myself though in the Thomas household because I know the hubby wants to wait a little while longer, and I can handle that.
  • I did not participate in the "Wear Green for St. Patty's Day" today. I actually was going to, but this morning I ended up running late, and grabbed the first thing I saw on the hanger in the closet. Oh one pinched me.
  • I still have "American Honey" on replay. I think I may go and get the CD soon. It's too good not to have in the CD collection.
  • Tomorrow I get my hair done! I'm so excited...I pray it turns out! Pictures to come!
  • I saw a quote as a friend's Facebook Status...and it has stuck with me ever since. I'm gonna end this post with it. I hope you are impacted by it as much as I am...

"Anger repressed can poison a relationship surely as the cruelest words."


Amber said...

I have baby fever too! Which is crazy since I've got a baby. Maybe when y'all have your first, I'll be having my second!!!

Elizabeth said...

Awwh, they could grow up together!! :) So excited to see what the future holds!