Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I have been in a blogging rut lately, which is why I haven't blogged in a couple of the days. I feel like the only things I talk about is food, and random thoughts...which can get pretty boring to read (and talk about).

Today was kind of which it's nothing new in this area. They are never ready, so I have heard except every blue moon. We were unable to close on our house today...because the people that our paperwork gets sent to hadn't reviewed it all, just yet. I'm thinkin' "we have deadlines to meet, so why can't you people meet the deadlines you all have to meet??" I just don't think it's fair. And not to mention this disrupts any sort of schedule or agenda Mike and I have. So, it could be tomorrow or Friday when we close...could be next week. Who knows.

Yesterday I went to the dentist, and I left with some pretty disappointing news. 1) I have to get my wisdom teeth out. (That really wasn't the disappointing news, because I knew that was going to have to way around it.) 2) I have cavities in each of my wisdom teeth. This reason not being that I'm not brushing good...just because they are so far back, it's impossible to reach. 3) I have the beginning stages of gum disease. UGH. I feel very blessed to have good teeth as in straight. I feel confident in my smile, thanks to my parents who paid big bucks for braces. I knew something was up when ( CAUTION: GETS GROSS) I would brush and they would bleed so bad I would have to hold a washcloth up to them to get them to stop bleeding. They would get so swollen and puffy that it would hurt to even touch them, let alone floss them. So, flossing has to become my bestest friend. It's even a bigger priority than brushing.

Other than that, nothing too exciting has happened 'round here. I got outside this afternoon when I got home from work, and did a little weed pullin' and "landscaping". Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I did our tree in our front yard adding brick around it and some mulch. The other tree is next on the list. I think the hubby was proud.

Now that I am all blogged out for the evening, hope everyone has a great night!

Can you believe it's almost Easter!?

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