Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Have Moles...

Our neck of the woods has been very low key tonight.

Not that any thing too exciting happens with us Monday through Friday.

The hubby and I very rarely, I would say, get out during the week.

Tonight, I made a new dish that was fabulous! I hate that I didn't snap a picture of it like I did with the Southern Chicken Potpie in my previous post. I got this from a Facebook friend who was cooking it for her church group that night.

She calls it "Spaghetti Bake".

Basically, you cook your spaghetti as if you would normal, mix it all up, place it in a baking dish. Top it off with Mozzarella cheese, and then place croissant dough on top flat. Bake it till the dough is golden brown, and that's it. I know it's a carb overload...but it was mighty good, and the hubs loved it!

As you can see this is currently what is happening in the Thomas household. Hubby's playing some war game with his brother on the XBox, and sweet Kaci wishing she could fall sleep, next to her daddy's feet. Not gonna happen.

Ahhh, yes....the weather is perfect for keeping the air off, and windows up.
This picture is a constant reminder of my longing I have to redo our kitchen.

We have moles.

Yes. 8:00 p.m. the Hubby and I was outside in the front yard spreading out this stuff for the invaders we have destroying our yard. Hopefully this helps...

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