Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was late on having my "Happy Spring" post being on the official first day of Spring.

But I couldn't resist on passing the Beeee-autiful tree that sits right out back of my place of work.

I get told only 523,813 times a day how pretty it is, and only asked about 489,762 times what kind it is.

It's a Cherry Blossom. And I love it.

If the Hubby and I ever build a house on a huge piece of land, I want a ton of these trees all through out our property. It looks like it snows pink....in the Spring!

Moving on to better things, my sweet Mother-in-Law arrived here at the house yesterday.

I wish she lived closer...maybe one day soon that might happen.

Thankfully, I am off on Thursday. I'm hoping to make a trip to my beloved Hobby Lobby, and maybe even lunch with my sweet husband...

And if I'm really lucky...the rain will continue to hold off till a later time after Thursday.

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Amber said...

I LOVE cherry blossom trees too!