Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today Was a Good Day

Today was a good day....for many things. Sun was shining against the bluest of blue skies with huge white skies beaming a temperature of around 68 degrees. Another reason it was such a good day is I finally figured out how to get my "post a comment" back to working. I don't know how it got disabled, but all I had to do what place a check mark in a box and that was it. And I finally got my hair done. I will be quite honest though, it's taking some time getting used to it. I guess when you're brunette for so long and then go to being blond in a matter of a few hours, it takes some time. It's strange though because I have changed my hair color so many times, but yet I still go through some sort of shock.

This picture is so discolored. It looks strawberry blond, and I look white as a ghost...almost like I am dead. Maybe it's because I am standing in a kitchen with a huge light over my head. But for those that were so eagerly awaiting my "new do" ya go.

A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I was in craft mode and was in the process of waiting for some paint to dry. I wanted something cute for our front door since, well, the Fall wreath was starting to go out of season.

When the Bff and I went out for some retail therapy,
I picked this up for $1.29 at Joann's.

I actually used Chalk board paint because I couldn't find
our black spray paint. It worked just as good.

And this was the end result.
I thought it turned out cute.

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Amber said...

I like the new hair do! It is strange to see you as a blond again. Love the door hanger! I need to start making stuff for our house.